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  • 1. Electricity and Magnetism BY: Hannah Lee
  • 2. What is Magnetism? Magnetism is some type of metal that are attracted or repelled. It happens because north and north pole hate each other and south and south pole hate each other. When we put north and north (or south and south) together, it will repel each other. But when we put north and south together, they will be attracted together. Magnetism, is also to do something with magnetic field. The magnetic field shows that the same poles hate each other and different poles like each other by the magnetic field.
  • 3. What is Electricity? An electricity is an movement of electrons. In atoms, there is lot of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The electrons and protons like each other. But electrons hate each other that they push each other. When one of the electrons get pushed, electrons go to another atom and push another electrons. That makes the electron electricity, and it happens several times in 1 second. neatron proton
  • 4. How do Magnets Work? Magnets are made from the rock named lodestone(magnetite). magnets have two poles. It is north and south. Most permanent iron filings magnets are made out of lodestone. But temporary magnet is not that good and the power of magnets will go of in hours. Most of the metals stick to the magnets, but some of the metals dont. Iron, nickel, cobalt sticks to the magnet but aluminum doesnt sticks to the magnet.
  • 5. How does Electricity Work? Electricity, it goes throw the circuit to the house. Circuit is like a trains railroad, because the start and the end is same place. And also when the line is unconnected, the electricity wont flow. Most wires are made of iron, cobalt, or nickel, because they are good conductor. If we use so many electricity, there will be no more electricity to use and because of that, there will be a blackout. If blackout happens, everything that works with electricity will all stop.
  • 6. How are Electricity and Magnetism Connected? Electricity and magnetism is connected, because electricity could make a magnet and magnet could make an electricity. How? To make a magnet out of electricity, we need a circuit with only batteries and wires. We connect the circuit like the picture number 1, and coil up the metal nail with the connected wire. To make a electricity with a magnet, we need to rub the wire that the electricity is going throw. This happens because of the magnetic field. The circuit that runs with the battery makes a magnetic field and the magnetic field makes the nail a temporary magnet. If we rub the magnet, it makes electricity. Why? because if we rub it, the magnet pushes the 1 atoms one side and that makes 2 the electricity.
  • 7. What are some Practical uses of Electricity and Magnets? We use electricity and magnets everywhere. It uses for lot of electronic devices, especially. Maglev train uses electromagnet to move and to float. We make to float because if we make this train float, there will be no friction. The friction makes everything slow down. But if we make this float, the only friction will be air. This makes the maglev train go more faster than the normal trains.
  • 8. Generator and Motor The theory of generator and motor is basically same but the only things that are different is what are they doing. Motor uses electricity to make it rotate but generator makes electricity if we rotate the handle. Motor, we use it for electrical vehicle, fan, washing machine , etc. And generator, we use it for most of the fuel using transportation. Even though we use fuels to move transportations but we need to light up the bulbs, to turn on air conditioner (heater), etc.
  • 9. Static Electricity Static electricity is a little lightning that happens to our lives. This happens because if we have only negative charge or only positive charge, the other materials will want the charge you have. You may have only negative or positive charge because if you rub balloon, etc, the negative will go other side and positive will go other side. But they like each other so the balloon will stick. To stop the static, touch the silicon wall!
  • 10. Alternating Current and Direct Current AC and DC is type of electricities flow. AC is back and forth form of electricity and DC is going forward electricity. Nikola Tesla invented the AC and Thomas Edison invented the DC. We use DC for battery and AC for home appliance electrical devices. The fluorescent light sparkles several times in 1 second!
  • 11. Energy The electricity is transferred from the other energy. The energy we use is mostly from fuel. But we could use solar power, wind power, or hydroelectric power. This power wouldnt be exhausted and will have no effects to earth. But fuel energy will run out in some day and could give bad effects to the earth.
  • 12. Electromagnet We use electromagnets in lots of electrical devices. We use electromagnets for maglev trains, etc. We also use it for collecting the iron, cobalt, nickel from aluminum and copper. We also use it for the valves and pumps. We turn on and off to let it run or stop.
  • 13. Video time!
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