Double recirculation aquaponics system

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Double Recirculation Aquaponics System

Sangita Aba KhatalRoll No. 20642Division of Agricultural Engineering, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi.

PopulationSoil degradationFood security Water scarcity

Source (Simon et al., 2015)

By 2050 global population is expected to reach 9.6 billion with more than 75% living in urban areas


Degraded land in lakh hectare

204.25144.05140.9597.2691.9480.93Total geographical area is 328.7 million hectare

Degraded land area is 120.4 million hectareSource- Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture

By 2030 almost half of the world will live under high water stress condition (FAO, 2014)

Protected cultivation

Soilless cultivationHydroponics


Source (David et al., 2015)

Indian scenario in aquaculture

Current fish production of India 9.58 mtonnesSecond largest in fish productionAverage annual growth 5.96% (marine-3.67 and inland-7.29)Contributes 0.83% to national GDP and 4.75% to agricultural GDP

Source-The handbook of fisheries statistics, 2014

Current status of protected cultivationCountryTotal Greenhouse Area (Ha)China27,60,000Korea57,444Spain52,170Japan49,049Turkey33,515Italy26,500Mexico11,759Netherlands10,370France9,620United States8,425

CropArea (mha)1.Total Area under Horticultural Crops19.24

2.Total area under Vegetables7.493.4. Area under Floriculture CropsArea under Fruit Crops0.15

5.55.Area under Protected Cultivation