DIY Web Builder: Apps and Social Media

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<ul><li> 1. DIY Web Builder: Apps and Social Media Patrick Schaudel 1&amp;1 Hosting Europe Media Event 27 August 2013 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 2. Introduction Patrick Schaudel Head of Features &amp; Applications Product Management Hosting Page2 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 3. Agenda Why MyWebsite? Evolution of professional websites The business journey Implementation of Web apps Social expectations Meeting social demands 1&amp;1 Social Media Hub Page3 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 4. What is MyWebsite? Offered in DE, US, UK, FR, ES, IT, PL, MX, CA, AT More than 120 different industries Professionally created text, image and design High speed connectivity and unlimited traffic High-performance, secure data centre Geo-redundant hosting across locations Page4 Today 500,000+ Customers Target 1 Million Customers 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 5. Reasons for not getting online Page5 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 6. Barriers to launching a website Too many small enterprises are still off-line Many web hosting products for SMEs are just too complicated and do not address their concerns Time needed for website creation is the biggest concern 1. Time 2. Cost 3. Lack of IT Skills Page6 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 7. A bad website can be a risk to your business Page7 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 8. MyWebsite Success Story Choose from hundreds of attractive designs and layouts Get found via social and search Quick and easy Make changes online at any time Choose from over 120 business sectors 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 Page8 </li> <li> 9. 1. High quality designs Effortless customisation Elements Pre-filled industry specific text and images First draft of your website within minutes Image Library (25,000+) Google Maps Interactive Elements Page9 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 10. 2. Quick and easy Web apps Changes made anytime no 9am-5pm availability limitations Access anywhere Personalise everything in just a few clicks Drag-and-drop functionality Editor tool is just like working within a Word document Page10 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 11. 3. Hundreds of industries 100s of professionally made layouts Pre-filled industry specific text and images Detailed navigation structure according to specific industries 120+ Industries Page11 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 12. 4. Online Success Mobile optimisation Search engine optimization Analytics tools for success measurement Tablet View Smar tpho ne View Smartphone View Page12 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 13. 4. Online Success Social media interaction and management Scheduled social media posts and event Newsletters Page13 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 14. Expanding Your Online Presence Choosing the Right Domain Build a portfolio Register misspellings, differe nt TLDs or other alternatives Increase brand security and prevent fraud Register Determine if your domain name is included in your website package Choose domain name Use the official business name as the domain Keep things simple for customers to remember Easy for users to return Choose the right TLD = country code .com = world wide registration .biz = professional .mobi = mobile optimised .org = non-profit organisations Page14 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 15. Web Apps Bringing professionalism and credibility to the website design novice Page15 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 Add functionality to ecommerce, communication, social media and business management 100+ app options Reputable brands Drag &amp; Drop ability </li> <li> 16. A website is no longer a simple online business card 49% 49% of consumers believe that a bad website makes a worse impact than a business having no website at all 34% One third of consumers surveyed report that they commonly find small business websites that are tired and unimpressive 33% 1 in 3 consumers are willing to offer feedback to a business owner, yet half of small firms have never asked clients about experiences of using their website 66% Maintaining an attractive website is a struggle for 66% of firms with the most common pain-point being the sourcing of fresh contents Page16 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 17. The business journey should lead to a transaction Attract Interact Transact Service Retain Attractive website Fresh, updated content Interesting pictures Relevant information Straightforward navigation Engage in conversation Encourage customer feedback Provide social sharing and interaction Conduct surveys Start blogging Sell products online Offer exclusive vouchers Encourage online visitors to visit physical store Page17 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 18. Simple web app implementation The best way to guide a business is to give them the right advice and present the right functionality according to industry requirements Receive an overview of what is relevant for you See in detail how it works Use it on your own website 1 2 3 Page18 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 19. Products &amp; Documents Contact &amp; Communications Social Business Web Services Multimedia Many possibilities within the business journey TRANSACTIONINTERACTION ATTRACTION (marketing, traffic, attractive website) B DB (DE) Countdown (DE) B Google Web Search Wetter24 (DE) BB Friendfeed (All Countries) B Zopim (All Countries) B Feedburner (All Countries) B Rumbletalk (All Countries) B SoundGecko (All Countries) B Blipstar (US) BB RingRang (US) B Honestly (All Countries) A Tibuga (DE) A AppForma (All Countries) A Social PM (DE) B Buzzdoes (All Countries) A Webengage (All Countries) A VideoFyMe (All Countries) B A WOWSlider (All Countries) SlidePresenter (All Countries) A LogoCreator (All Countries) A DropBox (All Countries) A PicMonkey (All Countries) A Adobe EchoSign (All Countries) B WeTransfer (All Countries) B MediaFire (All Countries) B Photovisi (All Countries) A B Pnyxe Forum (DE) SugarCRM (All Countries) B Tixeo (All Countries) A Jetpack (WP) (All Countries) A Snapseed (All Countries) A Path (All Countries) A WebAsyst (All Countries) B TeamWox (All Countries) A Salesforce (All Countries) A B Adress- master (DE) B NinjaPopups (All Countries) QuForm (WP) (All Countries) A YieldKit (All Countries) A RemebertheMilk (All Countries A Shareifyoulike (All Countries) A B Addictive Points (UK) B TubePress (DE) B Zendesk (DE) Xorbin (All Countries) B Piwik (All countries) A TrustCloud (All countries) B Olark Chat (All Countries) B Wishpond Marketing (All Countries A Mindmeister (DE) B EmailMeForm (All Countries) B B Feedjit (All Countries) B Folloyu Tab (All Countries) AdSense (DE) A B RapidFeeds (All Countries) PunshTab (All Countries) B Spreadly (All Countries) B Sitepal (All Countries) B Stumbleupon (All Countries) B LiveChat (All Countries) B Storify (US, CA, UK) A Blogger (All Countries) A Instagram (All Countries) A B Engageya (US) ContactMe (US) A Gravity (US) A A metacafe (All Countries) A Polldaddy (US) A Framey (All countries) A Cincopa (All countries) A Aviary (All countries) A Animoto (All countries) A Reuters News (All Countries) B (All Countries) B B Vizu (All Countries) B Digg (All Countries) Simplyhired (All Countries) A Yahoo Sesarch (All Countries) B Wikipedia (All Countries) A Reddit (All Countries) B Veoh (US) A SZ (DE) B GetBase (All Countries) A Gather (US) B B B (US) Uwall Grovo (US) A B Peecho (All Countries) (DE) B Storify (All Countries) A Reddit (All Countries) B Guardian (US, CA, UK) B Smore (All Countries) B Guardian Jobs (UK) B Gather (US, CA, UK) B Quora (US, CA, UK) B LeMonde (FR) B GoFalk (All Countries) B Spreed (All Countries) B El Pais (ES) B El Mundo (ES) B Odesk (US, CA, UK) A Posteroven (All Countries) A Touchnote (All Countries) A LiveRail (US, CA) B NYT (US, CA, UK) B Resumator (All Countries) B A Streamplus (All Countries) B Nieder- schlagsradar (DE) B Readability (US) B Similarweb (US) B Talkino (All Countries) B SodaHead (All Countries) B (All Countries) B Shareaholic (All Countries) A Snappy.TV (All Countries) A Jameda (All Countries) B PicMonkey (All countries) A TargetHero (All countries) A B Spiegel (DE) Punchtab (All Countries) B Chargify (All Countries) A PowToon (All Countries) A JiveSoftware (US) A Yalst (All Countries) A Foxrate (All Countries) A LoginRadius (All Countries) B Yousendit (All Countries) B MailChimp (All Countries) B Constant Contact (All Countries) B Sommee Cards (All Countries) A Falttr (All Countries) B Memonic (All Countries) A (US, CA) B BeFunky (All Countries) A Pixlr (All Countries) A Rem.theMilk (All Countries) (All Countries) Gpsies (All Countries) Soundbeat (All Countries) Page19 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 20. Example: Incorporate eCommerce functionality Third Party Web Apps 1&amp;1 Features Page20 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 21. Easy to Integrate No Maintenance Automatic Updates No Additional Costs Managed Security Managed apps are better than installing them on your own Page21 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 22. Top 10 European Web Apps Page22 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 1. Website Translator 2. Trivid 3. Google +1 4. Gleichzwei ePaper 5. PayPal Buy 6. 1&amp;1 Cash-Ad Main Content 7. YoWindow Weather 8. LinkedIn Member Profile 9. Skype 10. FluidSurveys </li> <li> 23. Social Media Meeting the evolving consumer and search engine demands of professional engagement on the Internet Page23 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 Consistent branding Seamless synchronisation One login, one dashboard Facebook page customization Scheduled posting </li> <li> 24. 59% of consumers expect online support from small firms 40% of consumers more likely to buy from SMEs available on social media Two thirds want more expertise offered online outside office hours 30% have felt too shy to enter a small business premises The need for social SMEs Page24 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 25. Social Climate Impact 1.1 billion 393 million 225 million 1 billion users 4 billion daily views 500 million 200 million active 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 1-30 mins 31-60 mins 2-6 hours 7-12 hours 13-24 hours Percentage Time expected to respond Facebook Post Facebook Private Message Tweet Twitter Direct Message Page25 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 26. 1&amp;1 is developing a solution for simplifying social media Social sharing platform Facebook page creator A central hub for your social media management Page26 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 27. 1&amp;1 is developing a solution for simplifying social media Page27 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 28. Facebook page creator Page28 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 29. Social media management Page29 1&amp;1 Internet 2013 </li> <li> 30. The solution will help by offering a social tool that is FASTER Rapid Facebook Page Connection Guided user flow Desired website elements instantly create a professional Facebook page DIY header automatically incorporated in Facebook page SIMPLER Customised Facebook tabs from website On/off slider Any subpage can be turned into tab Unnecessary elements are hidden MORE EFFICIENT Website edits are automatically made to Facebook page One-way synchronisation Every change is updated All changes on website are instantly made to Facebook CLOSER Communicate and engage in one, central location Post simultaneous...</li></ul>