Collaborative Innovation: The State of Engagement

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The ultimate benefits of Collaborative Innovation are when Collaborative Innovation is applied at a strategic level - but are you using the tactics to make the most of Collaborative Innovation? Last quarter the Collaborative Innovation Team surveyed over 200 thought leaders in multiple functional roles from large and small organizations distributed worldwide. The results offer some fascinating insights into the ways that collaborative innovation is and isnt being implemented in businesses today. With only 15% of respondents stating their organization is "very effective" at Collaborative Innovation, and a mere 35% who believe Collaborative Innovation ranks up with the core capabilities of business such as R&D, Operations, Marketing and more - were certainly not all masters of this space just yet. Call it Collaborative Innovation, Enterprise 2.0, Open Innovation, Innovation Management, Hyper-Social Innovation or Social Business... are you doing it? Doing it well? Find out what we've uncovered in this sneak preview of the upcoming ebook on our research results from late 2011 to early 2012.


<ul><li> 1. COLLABORATIVE INNOVATION: THE STATE OF ENGAGEMENT RESEARCH FINDINGS FROM 2011-2012 PRODUCED BY Join in Tweetstream: @collabinno and #collabinno2012 </li></ul> <p> 2. Housekeeping If you have any quesBons, please submit them as you think of them, via the built-in Q&amp;A capabiliBes of GoToWebinar. Feel free to tweet quesBons and comments as well, to: @collabinno or use hashtag #collabinno2012 We will address quesBons at the end of the session, and plan to wrap this webinar, including Q&amp;A, within the hour. Lastly this webinar will not provide every last piece of the data that weve gathered. There was such rich material, that the full commentary will be a very thorough mini-book an ebook on the State of Engagement for CollaboraBve InnovaBon. We will hit the highlights here, and shortly, the ebook will be available with even more detail. Keep an eye out on for the announcement of this ebook. Survey respondents and webinar a]endees will be among the rst to get their hands on it. PRODUCED BY 3. COLLABORATIVEINNOVATION.ORG JOIN US FOR REGULAR COVERAGE WITH OVER 150 POSTS ON COLLABORATIVE INNOVATION ISSUES, TRENDS, BREAKING NEWS AND RECOMMENDATIONS FROM AROUND THE WORLD, AND ACROSS INDUSTRIES 4. Your Hosts for Today Dan Keldsen Dan Keldsen is a Partner in the Human 1.0 Network, consulBng on Enterprise Client Services Focused on InnovaBon &amp; Insights. ExperSse: InnovaBon management Enterprise 2.0/Web 2.0 Enterprise Content Management ecosystem Background: InformaBon Architected: president and Principal Consultant AIIM InternaBonal: former director and co-founder, Market Intelligence Perot Systems InnovaBon Lab: senior analyst and consultant Delphi Group: former senior analyst, consultant and CTO Contact: DK[at] 617-933-9655 h]p://www.twi] h]p:// PRODUCED BY 5. Your Hosts for Today Andrea Meyer Andrea Meyer writes about innovaBon, strategy, &amp; business through her company, Working Knowledge, which she founded in 1988. She collaborates with thought leaders to write or ghostwrite their books, arBcles, white papers and blogs. Her clients include McKinsey &amp; Co, IBM, and Cisco as well as universiBes like MIT, Harvard and Wharton and innovaBon-specic companies like InnoCenBve, Innosight, InvenBon Machine, &amp; Spigit. Shes contributed to 34 published books, including: A Guide to Open InnovaBon and Crowdsourcing Open InnovaBon Marketplace Resilient Enterprise (a best business book of 2005: Financial Times) Contact: h]p:// h]p://www.twi] h]p:// PRODUCED BY 6. READY? SETTING A FOUNDATION 7. Collaborative Innovation isa cyberteam of self-motivatedpeople with a collectivevision, enabled by the Web tocollaborate in achieving acommon goal by sharingideas, information, and work.Peter Gloor MIT SloanCenter for CollectiveIntelligence &amp; Author ofSwarm Creativity (2005) PRODUCED BY 8. INTO THE ABYSS 9. "We have far fewer employees than we had in 2008 which has a two-fold effect. First, there are fewer people to source or to do sourcing. Second, the elimination of jobs has reduced morale and forced all employees to work even harder. The focus now is on things with direct results which makes less direct things like brainstorming a tough sell. PRODUCED BYPhoto credit: 10. The New Normal 1. 2008 and the current economy = upset apple cart 2. Teams are a necessity now, individuals cant pick up the pieces by themselves 3. InnovaBon is everyones job yet most arent experienced in innovaBon. Where should you start? PRODUCED BY 11. 10 Year Market Rollercoaster Nobody AnScipated the 2008 Shock PRODUCED BY 12. AutomoSve Peers in Last 10 Years PRODUCED BY 13. Tech Peers in Last 10 Years PRODUCED BY 14. HAVE YOU CHANGED THE WAY YOU INNOVATE SINCE 2008? 15. PRE-2008, IT [COLLABORATIVE INNOVATION] WAS NOT ON MY PERSONAL RADAR. 16. No Matrix Downloads to InnovaSon Mastery Meet the Maturity Model PRODUCED BYAll Rights Reserved by Warner Bros Pictures 17. Maturity Models PRODUCED BY 18. WHERE DO YOU STAND? 19. THE INDUSTRY IS MORE ACCEPTING NOW OF COLLABORATION AND SHARED INTELLIGENCE. TOOLS ARE BETTER BUT SO TOO ARE ATTITUDES. 20. How EecSve Is Your OrganizaSon At Using CollaboraSve InnovaSon? 30% 27% 25% 23% 20%18% 15% 15% 15% 10%5%0%1 (Very Effective) 2 (Moderately Effective) 3 (Neutral) 4 (Moderately Ineffective) 5 (Very Ineffective)PRODUCED BY 21. CANT GET EVERYONE TO BELIEVE UNLESS ITS REALLY THE MISSION IN THEORY AND IN REALITY 22. What represents your companys philosophy for collaboraSve innovaSon? As a company principle, we believe45%27% 10% 9% 6%innovation is everyones job.We use techniques/incentives to eliminate fear28%27%18%13% 12% of "stupid ideas" being professionally damaging. We use an understanding of human behavior. 16% 24%22%24%12%We have a well-defined and utilized 13% 28% 18% 22% 17%collaborative innovation process.Owning/submitting ideas/projects that later fail 5% 9%18%25% 40% are an easy way to get fired in our company. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%1 (Agree Strongly) 2 (Moderately Agree) 3 (Have No Feeling About It) 4 (Moderately Disagree)5 (Disagree Strongly)PRODUCED BY 23. How Does Your OrganizaSon View CollaboraSve InnovaSon? PRODUCED BY 24. WE UNDERSTAND THAT TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE AND THAT THE DIVERSE BACKGROUNDS, EXPERIENCES AND SKILLS THAT ARE CONTAINED THROUGHOUT THE ORGANIZATION CAN LEAD TO EXTRAORDINARY INNOVATION, BUT WE CANNOT GET IT IMPLEMENTED. 25. As part of CollaboraSve InnovaSon we invite: All Employees 46% 25%14% 10% 2%All Partners 25% 37% 19% 6% 11%All Customers 24%34% 15% 14%11% All Suppliers 22% 27% 22% 10% 16%0% 10%20% 30% 40%50% 60% 70% 80%90% 100%1 (Agree Strongly) 2 (Moderately Agree) 3 (Have No Feeling About It) 4 (Moderately Disagree)5 (Disagree Strongly) PRODUCED BY 26. WHY ROB BANKS? THATS WHERE THE MONEY IS! FIND INNOVATION WHERE IT LIVES, BUT HASNT BEEN TAPPED 27. ARE YOUR PEOPLE TRAINED FOR INNOVATION? SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE ARE RARE NEED TO PROVIDE AN ON-RAMP 28. We provide innovaSon on-boarding/engagement/ training/mentoring to: Project teams30%28%20% 8% 11% Individualemployees 28% 33%20% 4% 12%Departments 24%27% 26% 10% 10%Divisions18%22%32%12%13%Geographicarea 14% 21% 35% 8% 19%0% 20%40%60% 80% 100%1 (Agree Strongly) 2 (Moderately Agree) 3 (Have No Feeling About It) 4 (Moderately Disagree) 5 (Disagree Strongly)PRODUCED BY 29. If you dont have the tools to create &amp; vet ideas at scale... How can you hope to compete with MASTERS of innovaSon? Thats not a knife... THIS is a knife PRODUCED BYCrocodile Dundee 30. RECEIVE DEDICATED TRAINING IN HOW-TO-DO-IT, AND DONT THINK YOU ALREADY KNOW. 31. THINK OUTSIDE R &amp; D IF YOU BELIEVE INNOVATION IS EVERYONES JOB, GO! MAKE IT HAPPEN! 32. ARE YOU READY FOR COLLABORATIVE INNOVATION? ITS TIME TO LEAD THE (R)EVOLUTION IT WONT LEAD ITSELF 33. FULL EBOOK WITH RESEARCH RESULTS COMING SOON STAY TUNED FOR ANNOUNCEMENT OF AVAILABILITY AT COLLABORATIVEINNOVATION.ORG 34. Q &amp; A 35. Dan Keldsen Partner in Human 1.0 Network Enterprise Client Services Focused on InnovaBon &amp; Insights (twi]er) @dankeldsen DK[at] 617-933-9655 PRODUCED BY </p>