ClarkKent - A remote reporting library for android apps

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Any android app with over 10K users is bound to face errors that are hard to debug remotely. Event getting the logcat is often not enough. ClarkKent ('a mild-mannered reporter') is a library tries to solve this problem by enabling an app to report failures, events, and latencies to a service. The nice part is that the remote service is configurable, and can easily be switched - today it supports Parse, Crittercism, Crashlytics and will support Google Analytics soon. It also includes a nice Logging abstraction library.

Text of ClarkKent - A remote reporting library for android apps

  • 1. ClarkKent A mild-mannered reporter library for android Gaurav Lochan Little Eye LabsFriday 6 December 13

2. Problem Getting info from a production app Important Events / Logs Failures (not just crashes) Latencies Very useful for debugging issues, understanding app usage, and optimizing for different devicesFriday 6 December 13 3. Related Services Crash Reporting - Crittercism, Crashlytics, Bugsense Analytics - Flurry, Google Analytics, Omniture BaaS: Parse, StackMob, etc Provide good queries, exibleFriday 6 December 13 4. Where would you see these? CrittercismFlurryErrorsYYYNEventsNYYNLatencyFriday 6 December 13ParseNew RelicYYNY 5. ClarkKent Provides simple abstraction for reportable objects: Event Failure Latency Congure which service to report to Append key info for each report (deviceID, userID, timestamp, etc) Optimized: Batch network calls, ofine modeFriday 6 December 13 6. Sample CodeFriday 6 December 13 7. Roadmap Client Implement different reporters (Crittercism, Parse, Flurry etc) Implement ofine mode Use Java annotations for reportables Server Implement a custom UI on top of Parse - better queries Friday 6 December 13 8. Logger Much more lightweight than log4j / slf4j Wraps around android.util.log. Change log level with runtime ag Write log to a le, support uploading log Use varargs to prevent unnecessary string constructionFriday 6 December 13 9. Contact@gauravl android/utilsFriday 6 December 13