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<ul><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p>Catn Enterprise DevOps Adop9on </p></li><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p>We can all agree Agile is essen9al to accelera9ng development as far as con)nuous integra)on. </p><p>But what happens next? We call it </p></li><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p>The Wall </p><p>DEV OPS </p><p>Testing </p><p>CI CD </p><p>Works for me! </p><p>Works for us! </p><p>UA</p><p>T | LT | ST </p><p>Chucking it over the wall! </p></li><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p>Development and Opera9ons work in isola9on </p><p>Waterfall soHware development difficult to reverse if issues are uncovered further down the line </p><p>Which all means.longer lead 9mes, high stress, high risk </p></li><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p>DEV OPS </p><p>Testing </p><p>CI CD </p><p>Works for me! </p><p>Works for us! </p><p>UA</p><p>T | LT | ST </p><p>Life with DevOps </p><p>Works for the </p><p>business! </p><p>Innovation Value </p></li><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p>Building on the success of Agile, we are now able to provide con)nuous delivery, that is responsive to the needs of the whole business. </p><p>DevOps provides a holis)c lifecycle for your applica9on. </p><p>Crea9ng a seamless pathway from crea)ve innova)on to tangible value. </p></li><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p>When implemented well, DevOps enables a more produc9ve business </p><p>Con)nuous Delivery (Produc9ve Business) </p><p>Con)nuous Integra)on (Produc9ve Developers) </p><p>DEVOPS </p></li><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p>Reduce costs and increase performance through workload elas)city </p><p>Reduce risk through good prac)ce and provider portability </p><p>Reduce boFlenecks through on-demand provisioning and self-service </p><p>Increase quality through automa)on and repeatability </p><p>Why DevOps? </p></li><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p>Whats geSng in the way? </p></li><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p>Overwhelming complexity and scope! </p><p>We need specific skills that we just dont have. </p><p>Stakeholder engagement became too difficult </p><p>standards, policies and procedures has brought us to a stands9ll </p><p>lack of clarity around business </p><p>objec)ves </p><p> Too many unforeseen issues </p><p>The Barriers </p></li><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p>Catn - Reducing the Barriers to Adop9on </p></li><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p>Our strategic insourcing model: </p><p> Engages and directly involves key members of your teams </p><p> Focuses on collabora9ve working, communica9on &amp; stakeholder management </p><p> Provides a clear methodology and structure that is unique to your business </p><p> Addresses cultural, poli9cal and technological iner9a </p><p> Builds las9ng value into your business through </p></li><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p>Catn further reduces the barriers with a robust reference architecture and a pre-integrated, proven environment </p><p>from Red Hat </p></li><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p>... enabling you to move at pace with progressive scoping and dynamic </p><p>resourcing </p><p>Our 3-Step Plan is designed to build confidence end-to-end </p><p>Pilot Pre Produc9on Produc9on </p></li><li><p>BUILD ON BETTER </p><p> We are DevOps &amp; Cloud Adop)on Gurus Talk to us to find out more about our 3 Step programme For a free consulta9on to start to steer your change, contact </p></li></ul>