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CADISON® combines the engineering workflow in one system and thus significantly accelerates the plant design processes.

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Higher competitiveness is a challenge to bemet with every day. Many interfaces and trans-mission errors may cause higher expenses,longer project implementation time and, thus,smaller profit margins.

Integration of the complete engineering processis indispensable in order to solve this problemand to implement the project more efficientlythan before. Only a short time before, the use ofpure CAD systems had been accepted as theright way for safeguarding competitiveness buttoday it is more and more necessary to changeover to the next stage of optimization, i.e. to inte-gration of the complete engineering process.Today accelerated project implementationmeans that you should use the valuable andrare energy resources more efficiently. Thusyour products can be introduced on the marketwithin a short time.

CADISON® unifies the engineering workflow,makes it easier and accelerates the planningprocess significantly.

Highly Flexible and Object-Oriented Data ModelThe common object-oriented data model for the different fields of application (tender planning, process engineering,installation planning, pipeline planning, electrical engineering, instrumentation etc.) makes it possible to integrate allplanning phases so that time and costs are saved. CADISON® serves to collect valuable information in the tende-ring phase already so that staff members have the required data available in all later phases of project handling.

Increase Your CompetitivenessCADISON® – The Object-Oriented Engineering Solution for Plant Construction

CADISON® combines the engineering workflow in one system and thus significantly accelerates the planning pro-cesses. All users can see on their workplaces - either graphically or as schematic, as 3D model or text-based in atree structure – the same data and objects in each case so that they can be optionally used and modified on all work-places through simple Drag & Drop.Data and/or objects are existing once only. Thus errors as a result of redundant data management are excluded. Thesophisticated right system ensures that tasks are handled selectively. Modifications introduced by other users areimmediately made available to all other users. The continuity of the individual work steps in one object-orienteddatabase forms the core of the CADISON® technology. CADISON® uses the widespread platformsAutodeskAutoCADor Microsoft Visio for graphical presentations.

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10%0% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%

Due to its simple and modular design and its easy to learn surface CADISON®may be adapted to user specific requirements in a task-related way. The lateststate-of-the-art technology ensures that your decision in favour of CADISON® iscorrect and your investments will be profitable in the long run.

Modifications in All Modules are Available ImmediatelySince all modules have access to the same integrated data model, all modifi-cations in CADISON® are immediately and automatically displayed in all desired“views” and updated within the projects. Thus, potential failure sources can al-ready be previously eliminated.

Workflow – From Quotation up to MaintenanceUniversality from preparation of quotation, P&ID and 3D-Planning up to instru-mentation/electrical engineering forms the core of the CADISON® technology.Of course, the own catalogue system MATPIPE of CADISON® supports thisworkflow process.While working in the framework of this workflow it is without importance if youwant to acquire the engineering basic data at first or immediately change overto graphical planning. The object-oriented data model provides data and objectsin each module in the required view so that you can implant them in your workwindow through simple Drag & Drop.

Many satisfied customers and projects completed successfully may demonstratethat you may profit from up to 50% of time and cost saving through use of the“Integrated Digital Plant Model – CADISON®“.

· Higher competitiveness and added value· Continuous engineering solution – From quotation up to maintenance· Parallel work in the same project – Multiuser capacity· Easy integration into the business workflow of your company (ERP, stress calculation, documentmanagement etc.)· Open standards and state-of-the-art technology give you a maximum of investment safety

Business Benefits

“Even large-size plants with a ratherhigh data volume can be loaded andprocessed within a reasonable time –this is the result of the ‘slim‘ specialstructure of this plant design tool.”Dipl.-Ing. Jens Willumeit,

Project Manager

Oerlikon Neumag

“With CADISON® we are always surethat calculation and preparation of quo-tations are in correspondence with thecurrent planning situation.”Andreas Hiegelsberger

Project Manager of Process

Technology, LTH Dresden

“The complete project flow is shortenedby means of CADISON® since the indi-vidual task groups may work in parallel.”Carsten Kollenbach

Managing Director

VPT Kompressoren

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Integrated Digital Plant Model

© Julius Montz GmbH– generated using CADISON® techn

CADISON® Project-Engineer: The basic tool of process engineer and pro-ject manager. You may design and calculate your plant graphics-indepen-dent so that deeper detailing is possible again in the following stage. This iswhat we call “Conceptual Engineering”.

CADISON® P&ID-Designer: TheCADISON® P&ID-Designerplays a decisive role in design, construction, commissioningand maintenance and has an enormous effect on thecomplete lifecycle of a plant. In this case the preliminary projectengineering will be integrated with Basic and Detail Engineeringand 2D layout planning.

CADISON® Project-Navigator: The Project-Navigator is a pure“Viewing Tool” for your access to all engineering data of your pro-jects. It has the same surface like the Project-Engineer and is anindispensable tool for operation and maintenance of your plant.

CADISON® Electric-Designer: Preparation of planning docu-ments for instrumentation, power plants and control but also in-stallation and process measuring and control technology are inthe competence of the electric design engineer. The common database permits at any time the access to information about all trades involved inthe project such that planning of electrical engineering can be combined withplanning of process engineering.

CADISON® 3D-Designer: Installation and pipelineplanning in the 3D model are in the competence of the3D-Designer. Normally this module is used for access todata from Basic Engineering or P&ID. Efficient assistants areavailable for installation planning: For instance, isometrics can beautomatically generated from the planned pipeline systems.

PID-Designer for Visio®: The PID-Designer for Visio®

plays a decisive role in design, construction, commis-sioning and maintenance and has an enormous effecton the complete lifecycle of a plant. Low costs of MicrosoftVisio and the known easy handling of the system are decisiveadvantages for preparation of P&ID’s.

CADISON® MATPIPE: Independent module for development and management ofpipe classes, creation of parameterized 3D components, preparation and integrationof manufacturer catalogues, import and export of data plus examination of existingcatalogue data to ensure up-to-dateness.

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CADISON® ROHR2-Interface: The ROHR2-Interface of CADISON®

makes it possible to transmit all pipeline systems created withCADISON® 3D-Designer to the calculation programme ROHR2. Allrequired information will be completely transmitted to ROHR2 inthe form of NTR files for analysis. Weak points are recognized andcan be iteratively eliminated.

CADISON® ERP-Interface: The bidirectional CADISON® ERP-Interfacecombines ERP and engineering workflow for creation of a highly inte-grated system. For instance, orders can be directly released from theengineering workflow and even controlled. During plant operation thetechnical specifications can be adjusted and the maintenance processescan be initiated. Company-specific standards may be presentedindividually.

CADISON® Maintenance: CADISON® Maintenance is the solutionfor lifecycle management in plant construction and maintenance.This module makes it possible to fix essential data like mainten-ance intervals already in the planning phase, so that data areaccessible later for use by your technical and service staff. Youmay automatically create lists for the maintenance staff (even withan offline version) while modifications are brought back to the lifesystem again.

CADISON® Steel: Use CADISON® Steel to rapidly and easily createyour steel construction in the 3D model “around the 3D plant”.Comprehensive component libraries are available, such as steelsections, staircases and railings etc. Apart from automated derivationin 2D workshop drawings, planning can be transmitted via a stan-dardized interface directly to stress analyst and production division.

CADISON® Navisworks: Through integration of almost all known gra-phics formats Navisworks turns out to be the ideal tool for Design ReviewMeetings and Highend Visualizations. Navisworks presents complete pro-ject real-time views for efficient 3D coordination, 4D planning, photo-realisticvisualization and dynamic simulation. Navisworks is the standard tool fordetection of collisions with other trades. Apart from graphics, CADISON® objectinformation is made available.

CADISON® Archiver: The CADISON® Archiver allows you to swap and archive com-plete projects from the CADISON® productive environment. Archived projects canbe rapidly and easily viewed with the CADISON® Archive-Browser without theneed to retrieve them from the productive environment. Information aboutdocuments in projects completed before plus knowledge from experiencesremain directly accessible.

CADISON® Engineer2Web: Use your webbrowser online for direct access to all CADISON® projectdata. Provided you are authorized to do so, you may not only view project data with Engineer2Webbut also modify existing data and structures or create new ones. This is the ideal access fea-ture for maintenance and site personnel and for “pure data consumers” not involved in theplanning process.

CADISON® Application Programming Interface (API): The CADISON® API allowsyou to optionally integrate your CADISON® engineering workflow in your business work-

flow. CADISON®API offers you a high rate of flexibility – not only for external access to data,contents, structures and points of view of CADISON® but you can use it even for

dynamic data exchange. New objects can be generated and existing objects can be modified oreven deleted. Thus you have a new quality of openness and accessibility of database content.

CADISON® API can be used by all customers as free-of-charge supplementary module.



© Julius Montz GmbHted using CADISON® technology –

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CADISON® – the Digital Process ChainContinuity of Project Data Saves Time and Costs

All participating parties may use data and objects in all modules at any time. Modifications will be immediately visi-ble for all participants so that they are available. The question which modules are used for project handling is onlydependent on the requirements of the respective planning process and independent of the selection between gra-phics-oriented or structure-oriented work.

CADISON® Modules in Practical Application:

· Process and project engineers use the CADISON® Project-Engineer for structuring of plants anddetailing of technical and commercial data· Project manager and plant operator can view the planning data documentations withCADISON® Project-Navigator or CADISON® Engineer2Web· Planning engineers preparing P&ID’s use the CADISON® P&ID-Designer or the PID-Designer for Visio®for preparation of block flow charts and also for detailed P&I diagrams· Installation and pipeline planning engineers use the CADISON® 3D-Designer for true-size3D planning and even for derivation of isometrics· Planning engineers for process measurement and control and electrical engineers establishthe concrete instrumentation and even line routing and control cabinet planning by meansof CADISON® Electric-Designer· Technical staff responsible for selection of components and pipe classes use CADISON® MATPIPEfor creation of project and company standards for use by all trades involved in planning work

· The operators use CADISON® Maintenance for management of maintenance and for fixingthe intervals of recurrent maintenance cycles and tests· Business integrators use CADISON® API for integration of engineering workflow in the corporate workflow

Supplementary modules for documentation and object administration, visualization, ERP integration, maintenance,steel construction and interfaces for the calculation procedure (ROHR2) are complementing CADISON® so that acomplete system is available.

Updating of All Project DataBased on the principle of object-related data ma-nagement, modifications in project data are imme-diately applicable to all objects, drawings andreports. CADISON® ensures that such data are up-dated automatically. Data are presented in the formneeded by the respective user – independent of themodule just used for work. This means easy ope-ration and high acceptability for the user.Thus CADISON® helps you to save valuable wor-king time and to decisively increase your producti-vity. The check-in / check-out technology proved tobe a very efficient technology for joint work in plantengineering. All users may “check out” definite plantcomponents on the basis of optional criteria (suchas logic plant components) so that they are protec-ted against changes made by others. After that,these items can be processed “exclusively”.

Customizing to Company StandardsAll companies have their own “standards” where the company requirements but also the customer’s requirementsare considered. The rule-based object model makes it possible that you can adapt CADISON® yourself to practicallyall your individual needs. Normally you can yourself accomplish these company-specific adaptations – called “Custo-mizing”. In case you need assistance we would be pleased to help you make your Customizing.

Further Development and ServiceThe continuous further development of CADISON® – on the basis of strategic alignment of ITandFactory and natu-rally of customer desires – ensures that your company will profit from new functionalities and optimization potenti-als. Our customers automatically receive our latest CADISON®-Releases as major and minor updates on the basisof a service agreement and get support via our CADISON®-Hotline.






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Partnership with Autodesk and MicrosoftOur close partnership with Autodesk offers you a modern CAE integration for different AutoCAD platforms. You mayprofit from most simple operation and maximum compatibility. Almost all AutoCAD users may immediately start their work with CADISON .

To pass to our customers further cost advantages in combination with time savings in the planning-phase, we havedeveloped PID-Designer for Visio®


. Thus you can work on the basis of the known and widely spread Microsoft OfficePlatform and use all advantages you can derive from this platform.

Object-Oriented Database VERSANT (ODBMS)VERSANT ODMBS is the motor for data management in CADISON®. Only this object-oriented database makes itpossible to obtain redundancy-free objects. Since the integration level in CADISON® is very deep, maintenance ef-forts are reduced to minimum.

DB-Client Access License (CAL)For operation of CADISON® it is required to have one data base Client Access Licence (DB-CAL) on each workplace.Therefore, one CAL is needed per workplace during the operation time – independent of the number of installed mo-dules.

For contact – Our locations and our international distributors

Head Offic e B ad S oden:ITandFactory GmbH · Auf der Krautweide 32 · 65812 Bad Soden · Phone: +49 6196 [email protected] refeld:ITandFactory GmbH · Alte Friedhofstraße / Building L222 · 47829 Krefeld · Phone: +49 2151 5163 [email protected]

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C anton: Phone: +1 734 459 1100 · [email protected]

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Neilsoft India:

Pune: Neilsoft Ltd · Pride Parmar Galaxy 8 Floor, 10/10 + A Sadhu Vaswani chowk. 411001Phone: +91 20 2605 3003 · Fax: +91 20 2613 1755 · [email protected]

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© ITandFactory GmbH, Layout: ABE/enz, 12/2010

Business Benefits

· Continuous planning throughout all disciplines –Integrated Digital Plant Model· Rapid and easy learning through uniform and ergonomicuser interface of all modules· Multi-Site work of split project-groups (all modules)· Full multi-language feature through Unicode(e.g. simple change-over from English to Russian and viceversa) and multilingual inscriptions· Object-oriented data model with unique system architecture· Redundancy-free ensured through clear object data management· Safe access to the latest lists and reports· Integrated tracking of all project-relevant modifications –Configurable Management of Change· Across-trades plausibility check· High level of planning safety through rule-based work· Project controlling in the engineering process· Cost and time schedule control throughout the projectimplementation period up to lifecycle management


Media- and Mass-Balances > Basic Flow-Diagram > Tender Planning > Process Flow-Diagram > Equipment List > Prelimary Lay-out > Specifications and Suppliers > Instrumentation > Ressource Management > Calculation > Revision-Management > Project-Analysis >Process-Calculation > Pipe-Specification > P&I Diagram > Specification for Inquiry > Structural/Statics > Layout Planning > Installation Plan-ning > Equipment Planning > Structural and Piping Design > General Arrangement Drawings > Piping Design > Piperack Layout > ElectricalDesign > Report Extraction (BOM) > Materials Management > Maintenance and Operations > Post Costing Analysis and Documentation

CADISON® – Integrated Digital Plant Model

ITandFactory is one of the largest providers of complete solutions in the field of processengineering. Being a joint venture of the companies Neilsoft Ltd. (India) and TRIPLANAG (Germany) – both companies known as reputed engineering undertakings – weunderstand ourselves as solution provider supplying our customers with solution andprocess-oriented IT tools plus associated concepts.Higher efficiency in plant planning, integration of plant construction and intelligent plantdocumentation with high-efficiency IT tools are in the focus of our CAE solutionCADISON®. The growing international orientation of our organization creates synergeticeffects with the cross-linked and global way of thinking of our customers. It is our targetto ensure a maximum benefit for the customer through utilization of latest technologies.Our customers may profit from a maximum return-on-investment.

Information and possibilities to purchase:ITandFactory GmbH · Auf der Krautweide 32 · 65812 Bad Soden · GermanyPhone: +49 6196 6092-310 · Fax: +49 6196 [email protected] · www.cadison.com

[ faster tomarket: cadison.com ]

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