Building next generation knowledge building environments

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Presentation at CSCL 2011 post-conference in Guangzhou


1. Building Next-Generation Knowledge Building EnvironmentsGuangzhou, July 12 2. Knowledge ForumLiteAdvancedBasicAnalytic Toolse.g.: Contribution, SocialNetwork, VocabularyGrowth, Writing, SemanticOverlap, KSV, KBDeX, Lexical Analytic ToolsJava (client)Perl (browser)Tuplestore 3. Knowledge ForumLiteAdvancedBasicOLI-KF?Analytic ToolsJavaPerlGoogle Web Toolkit (GWT)PHPTuplestoreMySQL 4. Google Web ToolkitWe write code in JavaGoogle translates it into JavaScriptWorks with modern browsersApplied in Google Wave, Google Ads, etcOpen sourceScalable, flexibleeasy to switch from TupleBase to MySQLPossible to integrate with JavaScript-based visualization techniques, e.g. Protovis 5. PHP+MySQLMotivationsSmartBoard/Interactive White BoardMobile devicesWidely-usedOpen source 6. QuestionsWhich architecture?How to keep it open and scalable?How to coordinate all efforts to a coherent framework? 7. Recent and current projectsOLI-KF (Carnegie-Mellon)Knowledge Space Visualizer (Toronto)KBDeX (Shizuoka, Japan)Lexical analytic tools (Quebec)Knowledge Connections Analyzer (H.K.) 8. Other possibilitiesVisualizaionProtovis/PrefuseJungSemantic AnalysisGensimTagHelper/SIDE