Brooke Mc Callums Transformation(Story Board)

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  • 1.
    • The Before And After Show

2. Brooke McCallums Transformation 3. Natalie Ghadieh Meet The Designer Background Information: 4. Meet The Crew Sarah Arou Background Information: 5. The Before And After Show Client Brooke McCallum 6.

  • Firstly we will begin by making Brooke look completely unattractive and add some unattractive things onto her face such as moles, pimples, thick hairy eyebrows, thick framed glasses etc;

Close Up 7.

  • We will also dress her in homeless type clothing and make her look completely different to her usual appearance.

Long Shot 8.

  • Within no time we will have Brooke looking from this..

Close Up Long Shot 9. Close Up Long Shot TO THIS! 10. The End


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