Best Educational Android Apps for Preschoolers:

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Any Smartphone is first a utility and entertainment gadget and then a communication device! And you will be surprised to learn that your children know this better than you know it.

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  • 1. Best Educational AndroidApps for Preschoolers:Any Smartphone is first a utility and entertainment gadget and then a communicationdevice! And you will be surprised to learn that your children know this better than youknow it. And that is because of the fact that Android Application development is so richand opportune a platform that there are hundreds of developers across the globe and inIndia to exploit it to its fullest potential! There are so many educative as well as funAndroid apps that your kids would love to play them when the phone is with them. Here isan humble attempt to list just a few of them:Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite:This is a great educational app for the preschoolers. There are some 20 puzzles to solvein the lite version and kids just love solving this picture puzzle which is both aneducational and entertaining experience for them. By playing this game, kids can honetheir skills of shape recognition, motor skills, cognitive skills, etc. The game is quite easyto play and learn.Kids Connect the Dots Lite:This again a good game if your kids just love to create shapes by connecting differentdots. They will also get to learn pronouncing the numbers and letters in the dots if theyplay it frequently and will also get a chance to learn counting the letters and alphabet.By tapping on the dots, they will learn the numbers and letters which are pronouncedand once they connect all the dots successfully, an image is created which istransformed into a beautiful, colorful picture. A great game for the preschoolers!iStoryBooks:iStoryBooks is a great application that tells you your favourite story with great colourfulillustrations along with text. You can even set the app to read the story aloud! This appis also compatible to add to other stories like story books, bedtime stories, fairy tales,folk tales, and a lot more. New published books added with complete pictures and audio.Your kids will surely enjoy these books, if they enjoy reading the stories themselves.Game for Kids: KIDS Matchem:This is a great memory game for your kids. This android app helps hone and improveyour childs memory with some really great exercises. This addictive game boosts theshort-term and sensory memory by matching tile cards within a few days. This app ismade more interesting by appropriate sound effects and high resolution graphics andsupports different resolution sizes and there are 2 levels of difficulty along with 6different sets of cards.

2. Talking Kids Math and Numbers:Talking Kids Math and Numbers is a great app for learning mathematics and you canimprove your kids simple mathematical calculations like addition, division, subtraction,multiplication and the likes with the help of this app which is a fun way to learn mathseven through the TV Out feature. And the quiz feature lets your child test their abilityalso. The jumping, funny penguin keeps them engaged as well.The list goes on and on. There are lots of really great educative apps for the Androiddevice and many more are added every day. Android Application development is anever ending process as long as Android OS remains; irrespective of whether it is inIndia or elsewhere. But, it is surely a fun way to learn.Smartkathy is a techno-savvy writer of great repute. She is more ready for the closeobservations that she makes on the field and for the insight she has to understand thetechnology. In the present articles she takes on the evergreen subject of Androidapplication development India and discusses some good educational apps.