Become a better agile team member

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  • 1.Get in Shape! (to become a more valuable agile team member)Augusto Gus Evangelisti Principal Agile Test Engineer (Business Systems Development - PaddyPower PLC)

2. Become a more valuable agile team member! 3. SignoffSignoff - A point in time where my responsibility ends, so for errors up to then you can blame me, after that it's your fault and I dont give a rats arse. Gus Evangelisti 4. To avoid having fingers pointed at you 5. Some CYA techniques I document my tests to prove I have executed them I document my user stories and have no intention of discussing them with you because Im to busy to change them I write longwinded worthless planning documentation so that my manager has the impression of control, and I can avoid talking to him 6. The agile manifesto says Customer collaboration over Contract NegotiationTranslates intoShared activities over Signoffs 7. Signoff by High Five 8. High Five! 9. Collaborate on everything Analysis Development Test3 Amigos one responsible entity THE TEAM No need for finger pointing, focus on resolving the issues and delivering value. 10. What do we need?T-shaped people 11. The 3 Amigos 12. How do I become t-shaped? When you are not busy, chances are that your colleagues are, ask them if you can help Assist your colleagues no matter what activity they are engaged in, you will learn something new Next time you are swamped you know you can ask for help and you will get it Get interested in different activities and study! 13. Why? You will be extremely more value for your team You will be extremely more valuable ($$$) when looking for a different job You will learn a lot about your colleagues You will have loads of fun 14. 3 Things to remember To Become a more valuable agile team member! Think Activities not Phases Share ownership dont CYA Become T-Shaped 15. Contact MeTwitter: @augeva