Back to the Drawing Board, Again and Again and Again

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My talk with Luke Walter at Big Design 2012. UX in an Agile Team.


  • 1. BACK TO THEDRAWING BOARDa ga ina nd a gainandagain

2. Luke Walter 3. Kevin Schumacher 4. UX of Yesteryeary back in 2005)(wa 5. 2005 .PHP .ASPC++UX? 6. Point of Friction:[we recommend...]working software over comprehensive documentation and responding to change over following a plan The Agile Manifesto 7. UX? FINALPRODUCT FINISHED DEVELOPMENTPROTOTYPE 8. Gull-Wing Doors 9. UX practitioners would often mistake their complete vision through theirprototype as being -all the developer would need 10. Unforeseen edgecases can kill final development 11. What we did before:We would design the moving car and then panic about how to change thetires while it was moving. 12. We want the resultto be this: 13. Scene from Tucker 14. not this: 15. Scene from Gung Ho 16. USER EXPERIENCE-out at won t be edged Thby edge cases 17. SCOPE CREEPDesignDetailsSprint 18. EDGE CASECREEPEdgeCasesDesign 19. When to pay attention to edge cases 20. Edge CasesDesign 21. New design! 22. Either the world adoptsand changes to yourdesign or the world rejectsyour design and it fails 23. Find where your design fails... before theworld does. 24. we need to get over ourselves 25. Typical Designer 26. the reality 27. You re all equally worthless! 28. Alone, you re all equally worthless! 29. Agile is not a fad and Designis behind thecurve 30. UX of the future 31. TRUST 32. Getting beyond the oldDesign vs. Programming antagonism 33. Engineer Designer 34. Manager 35. Shared commitments,Shared successes, and perhaps most importantly,Shared failures build trust. 36. let s examine this: Who is the biggestinfluence on your work? 37. YOU 38. We must overcome ourinflated sense of whatwe know 39. BECOME A UX LEADER FIRST 40. UX leadership starts with understandingwhat questions to ask in order to understandwhat the problems really are 41. The first step in learning tobe a great teammate is to earn your teams mutual respect and acceptance.Johnny Holland 42. RESPECT = SINE QUA NON 43. The five values of Scrum: Courage Transparency Commitment Respect Focus 44. TEAMCROSS-FUNCTIONALITYINDIVIDUALCROSS-FUNCTIONALITY 45. T-SHAPED PERSONsubject mattersubject matter deep understanding 46. Shared swarming andcollaboration lead toshared knowledge and workbreadth of skill projectworkwork work 47. problem work projectworkwork work 48. M-SHAPED PERSONsubject mattersubject matter deep understanding 49. SERVE THE VISION BYSERVING THE TEAM 50. The key is to approach each interactionwith a servant s heart. When you truly focus on contributing more than receivingMike Myatt you will have accomplished the goal. Even though this may seem counter-intuitive,by intensely focusing on the otherparty s wants, needs & desires, you lllearn far more than you ever would by focusing on your agenda. 51. how? 52. JUMPING INTO THE MOVING CAR 53. UX MOCKUPSsprint 2 mockupssprint 3 mockups sprint 4 mockupssprint 1sprint 2 sprint 3SPRINTS 54. One of the common patterns you ll see insuccessful agile/UX combinations is having the UX designer embedded with the rest of the product development team. - Janet M. SixUX Matters 55. UX MOCKUPSsprint 1sprint 2 sprint 3SPRINTS 56. UX MOCKUPSsprint 2 mockupssprint 3 mockups sprint 4 mockupssprint 1sprint 2 sprint 3SPRINTS 57. When to Design: Pre-Sprint or In-Sprint?Large, Encompassing, Small, Discrete,Amorphous (Epic)Resolved (Story)?? ? ????APhasedEmergent(AKA Pipelined, (AKA Piecemeal?)AKA Waterfall) 58. Building great stuff is ateam effort that s hard... and possibly dangerous! 59. Climb down fromyour towers and getinto the mud witheverybody else. It s gonna be dirty good fun. 60. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!ange rousaget d it s gonn