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  • 1. Making the most of AWSSlideShare SiteFatima Khakwani

2. Problem Statement There are over 300+ Slideshare presentations on the AWSSlideshare page, and it continues to grow. With that manyslide presentations, its difficult to navigate through all thiscontent. Optimal categorization of the content would helpimprove viewership, and enable lead generation 3. Project Scope Content Categorization Channel Customization Lead Generation New Marketing Ideas Integration with Social networks Featured Events 4. How do other sites compare?SlideShares 261 211 322 1,292Followers 6,670 425 895 14,414Tags691 200 367153Presentation toFollower Ratio3.9%49.6% 35.9% 8.9% 5. What about Twitter Sites?Tweets 1,45710,879 725 5,693Followers30,807 70,629 14,1762,785,287Tweets toFollower Ratio 4.7%15.4%5.1% 0.2% Upshot: Lots of Twitter users to direct to Slideshare website 6. Key Themes and Approaches Leverage more Slideshare PRO capabilities to Drive more followers to Slideshare Site More AWS Specific Categorization Better categorization to bring more structure tocontent More Social Media Integration Follow Us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Twitter feed from AWS Tweets cross pollinate bothmediums AWS Thought Leadership Track following by AWS Thought Leaders 7. AWS Content Boxes Getting Started In AWS Customer and Partner Presentations Solution Architecture & Best Practices Events Audience AWS Speakers Webinars Language 8. Getting Started Introduction to AWS EC2, EMR, Auto Scaling, ELB, CloudWatch S3, EBS, Import/Export, Storage Gateway RDS, DynamoDB, SimpleDB, ElastiCache CloudFront, Route 53 VPC, DirectConnect SWF, SQS, SNS, SES 9. Customer Presentations App Hosting, Analytics, Archive, Backup andRecovery, Big Data, Content Delivery, DR,ecommerce, Enterprise Apps, Federal, FileSharing, Government, HPC, Management &Tools, Media Sharing, Mobile Apps, PaaS,SaaS, Search Engines, Web Apps, DigitalAdvertising, Life Sciences, Gaming, Social,Financial Services, Publishing, Education,Travel, Telco, Healthcare 10. Solution Architecture & Best Practices Security & Compliance Reliability Scalability Disaster Recovery Fault Tolerance and high availability 11. Events AWS Summit Events AWS Startup Events Enterprise Events Office Hours 12. Languages Japanese (Ken Tamagawas Site) 13. Audience Startups Small-Medium Sized Business Enterprises (Fortune 1000) State & Local Federal Partners Venture Capital and Incubators Developers 14. AWS Thought Leaders Jeff Barr Jinesh Varia Matt Wood Simone Brunozzi Deepak Singh Werner Vogels 15. Current SlideShare Site 16. Proposed SlideShare Site