Are You Smarter than an Akoloutheo Student?

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Powerpoint challenge for lessons 1-5 of the Apologia Zoology 3 for Akoloutheo students and their parents.

Text of Are You Smarter than an Akoloutheo Student?

  • 1. Are You SmarterThan an Akoloutheo Student?

2. Subjects for Are You Smarter Than an Akoloutheo Student? Zoology CarnivoresCaniforms Feliforms Marsupials 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 2 2 3 1 1 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 9 9 9 10 10 10 1 2 3. Zoology Question 1

  • A journey across a stretch of land, usually made to observe or hunt wild animals is called a

A Safari 4. Zoology Question 2

  • Animals with hooves are:

A. Digitigrades B. Plantigrades C. Ungulates D. Carnivores 5. Zoology Question 3

  • What is Natural Selection?

The process where animals who are designed for a specific habitat, survive to reproduce. 6. Zoology Question 4

  • What do you call and animal who chases, captures and eats other creatures?

A predator 7. Zoology Question 5

  • What do you call and animal who is chased, captured and eaten by other creatures?

Prey 8. Zoology Question 6

  • What do you call a person who studies animal behavior, habitat, anatomy , and everything else they can about animals?

A Zoologist 9. Zoology Question 7

  • What is habituation?

A. The process that zoologists use to teach animals good habits. B. A process where animals get used to being around people. C. When animals create their habitats. 10. Zoology Question 8

  • What is a zoonotic disease?

A. A disease you can catch at a zoo. B. A disease that kills an entire species of animals. C. A disease that can be transmitted between animals and people. 11. Zoology Question 9

  • Have their always been predators and prey?

No, the Bible says in Genesis that all animals were given plants to eat.This means that all animals were originally herbivores. 12. Zoology Question 10

  • Is a habituated animal a tame animal?

No, when the food supply runs out, they might bite or attack people. 13. Carnivores Question 1

  • How can you tell the difference between the skull of a reptile and the skull of a mammal?

Mammals have a lower jaw made of only one bone.The lower jaw of a reptile is made up of several bones. 14. Carnivores Question 2

  • What do you call it when your body breaks down food so that it can be turned into energy you use to walk, run, play and breathe?

Digestion 15. Carnivores Question 3

  • What are the four major kinds of teeth that God created for mammals?

Incisors, Canines, Premolars and Molars 16. Carnivores Question 4

  • What do you call a mammals outer layer of skin that has hair on it?

Epidermis 17. Carnivores Question 5

  • What is the dermis?

The layer of skin below the epidermis that gets bruised and bleeds. 18. Carnivores Question 6

  • What do you call and animal who is chased, captured and eaten by other creatures?

Prey 19. Carnivores Question 7

  • Organs in the body that make and release chemicals are called?

Glands 20. Carnivores Question 8

  • Carnivores have molars and premolars specially designed to cut meat.What are they called?

Carnassial teeth 21. Carnivores Question 9

  • What do you call an animal who walks on his toes?

Digitigrades 22. Carnivores Question 10

  • Canines have amazing olfactory organs.What does this help them do?

Smell 23. Caniforms Question 1

  • What do you call animals who use the entire bottom of their feet to walk?

A. Digitigrades D. Ungulates C. Footigrades B. Plantigrades 24. Caniforms Question 2

  • Do bears hibernate?

No, they go into a state of dormancy 25. Caniforms Question 3

  • A state of temporary inactivity or a long, quiet nap is called?

Dormancy 26. Caniforms Question 4

  • Brown bears have a large hump between their shoulders.True or False?

True 27. Caniforms Question 5

  • What color is a polar bears skin?

Black 28. Caniforms Question 6

  • What is different about a pandas wrist compared to a brown bears wrist?

A pandas wrist bone is extended so it can be used much like a thumb. 29. Caniforms Question 7

  • What kind of otter spends almost all its time in the water?

A. Northern River Otters D. Water Otters C. Sea Otters B. Giant Otters 30. Caniforms Question 8

  • A sun bears fur is as golden as the sunshine.True or False?

False, a sun bear has dark fur with golden markings. 31. Caniforms Question 9

  • From the family Mustelidae, which animal is a small ferret-like creature with unusually soft fur?

A mink 32. Caniforms Question 10

  • A group of otters is called

A. A romp D. A pride C. A litter B. A holt 33. Feliforms Question 1

  • What special sensory organ do cats have?

Whiskers 34. Feliforms Question 2

  • Which cat cannot retract its claws?

The cheetah cannot retract its claws 35. Feliforms Question 3

  • What is an apex predator?

A. The leader of the pack. C. The predator within a group of predators who actually catches the prey. B.An animal who is not considered prey by any animals living around it. 36. Feliforms Question 4

  • Which cat forms strong family bonds?

A. Lions D. Oh My! C. Bears B. Tigers 37. Feliforms Question 5

  • What cat is the most dangerous to humans?

Bengal Tigers are most dangerous to humans. 38. Feliforms Question 6

  • The black panther is the fastest runner.True or False?

False, the cheetah is the fastest runner. 39. Feliforms Question 7

  • What are the 3 types of cats who live in North America?

A. Bobcats, Cougars and Canada Lynxes B. Leopards, Cougars and Cheetahs C. Lions, Hyenas and Canada Lynxes D. Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my! 40. Feliforms Question 8

  • What kind of hyena is an apex predator (in the absence of lions)?

Spotted Hyenas 41. Feliforms Question 9

  • What does and aardwolf eat?

Termites 42. Feliforms Question 10

  • Which animal is the mongoose famous for being able to kill?

Snakes 43. Marsupials Question 1

  • What do most female marsupials have that other female animals do not have?

A pouch 44. Marsupials Question 2

  • What do you call the possibility of a supercontinent in which all of earths current continents fit together?

Pangaea 45. Marsupials Question 3

  • A wallaby is bigger than a kangaroo.True or False?

False 46. Marsupials Question 4

  • What are marsupial young called?

Joeys 47. Marsupials Question 5

  • Do animals that are herbivores always stay herbivores?

No 48. Marsupials Question 6

  • Koalas like to spend most of their time climbing from tree to tree.True or False?

False, koalas spend most of their time sleeping 49. Marsupials Question 7

  • Tasmanian devils are scavengers who consume every part of an animal.True or False?

True 50. Marsupials Question 8

  • How many types of marsupials live in North America?

Only one marsupial lives in North America the Virginia opossum. 51. Marsupials Question 9

  • What funny name does the kangaroo order (diprotodontia) and suborder (macropod) make?

Two Front Teeth Big Foot 52. Marsupials Question 10

  • What is the defense mechanism of the Virginia Opossum?

It plays dead 53. Thanks for Playing!