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  • 1. Introduction to App DevelopmentHTTP://MELICK-RAJEE.BLOGSPOT.COM

2. SharePoint Apps ?Apps for SharePoint are self-contained pieces offunctionality that extend the capabilities of a SharePointwebsite Light weight Easy to use Permission model IsolatedApp Vs. Web Part 3. App Hosting ModelsBring your own serverHost your code in SharePointhosting infrastructureClient side technologies and declarative workflowsAny Web Server SharePointSharePoint(Online or On-premises)(Online or On-premises) (Online)Windows Azure 4. SharePoint Hosted No Server Side codes Can use Client Side Scripting ECMA JQuery JavaScript No Database Can use web Services 5. Provider Hosted Can Use Server Side code Can Have Databases Authentication - Using security Tokens 6. Auto Hosted Can Have Databases Can Have Server side code Authentication - Using security Tokens 7. App Shapes Can beFull PagePartUI Custom Action 8. App Shapes Can be .. Full Page Internally SharePoint Site Navigate to separate page Can have inherited or custom master page Chrome Control SharePoint Styles Part AKA Client App Part Simply render page inside a iFrame UI Custom Action Action Handlers in UI 9. Common App Architecture APP Web Server HostBrowser Host 3rd Party ServicesOther Devices& Clients Server APIsClient APIs OfficeSharePoint & ExchangeClientServer 10. App Catalog Private Public (Office Store) Private 11. App Packaging and DeploymentApp manifest (.xml) or .app packageDeveloperDocument SharingOffice Store or App Catalog Web Page Consumers &Corporate UsersWeb Server (Internet or Intranet) 12. Chrome Control 13. Getting SharePoint CSSRef : 14. Demo 15. Thank You!


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