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  • 1. Integrating Applications and User Experiences Bo Campbell Portal Project Manager Yardi Systems, Inc.

2. 3. Gold Rush!

  • 2000 marked the peak of the gold rush for web applications
  • 2000-2007 migration to web for everyone
  • Migration sparked a new perspective
    • We can access anything from anywhere!
  • New tools available for everyone to build applications

4. The Old Way

  • Data Warehouses
  • Email or paper forms
  • Copy and Paste
  • Internal Data Entry Systems

5. The New Way

  • Multifamily Information and Transactions Standard (MITS)
    • Lori Reeves, MITS Chair
    • Tamara Berndt, Deborah Brown
  • MITS gives us standardization across all integrations
  • New openness and willingness to bring all companies together
  • Industry cooperation is reaching new levels

6. Web Apps

  • CRM/Sales Systems
  • Rent Payment
  • ILS
  • Applicant Screening
  • Lease Generation
  • eSignatures
  • Search Engine Integration
  • Revenue Management
  • Many more!

7. M I T S Online Survey Bank Payments Rent Bureau Feed to Hyperion PR and PO ApprovalProspect/Lead Gathering Work Order Entry WO Escalation to Pager Internet Listing Services Availability and Leasing Web Service BRE Client Example DATA 8. User Experience (UX)

  • Takes the side of the user
  • Sometimes contradicts marketing objectives
  • Negative user experience:
    • Distracting banner ads
    • Annoying pop-ups
  • Marketing often represents the company goals

9. Marketing and UX Team Up

  • Companies increasingly interacting through multiple channels of media
    • Web, email, mobile, store, print
    • From purchasing to customer service
  • Engaging customers through a range of web sites
    • Traditional brochure web sites
    • Social networking sites
    • Property Portals
    • Resident Portals
    • Search sites
  • Seeking long-term relationships with customers
  • More and more, if were creating content for the Web or any interactive channel, Marketing and UX will work together

10. Consistency, Customization and Credibility

  • Apply customer data and demographics to deliver:
    • The right information
    • The right amount of information
    • Information at the right time
    • Information properly
    • Information in the correct format and style

11. Creating a Good Experience

  • Relevant placement of content where and when the customer needs it
    • Give the information expected, THEN hit them with a promotion or other marketing
  • Balance bold ads with user experience
  • Choose a flow that is familiar to the user
  • Use ads that are relevant to the page content
  • Sell only at the right time in the experience
  • Show, dont tell

12. Integrations and UX

  • Great to see how far weve come
  • MITS - Utilize standards
  • Consider the user
  • Have fun!


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