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1. Presented For HASSAD FOOD By Adnan Fahad Rashed Al Ramzani Al Naimi, Ph.D. (Inventor) Sunday 01/02/2015 2. Self Introduction Forty (40) years working experience Ministry of Electricity and Water (water Dept.). Qatar Petroleum (oil & gas). QP Representative to the UNFCCC. General Manager & Owner of private business. 3. Ph.D. Environment & Sustainable Development USA . Master's in Gas Engineering & Management France. Higher National Diploma in Chemical Engineering United Kingdom. Recipient of 120 awards for the scientific excellence in the field of invention and creativity from international exhibitions and trade shows. 4. International Jury for inventions and innovations. Mentor & Jury for the scientific competitions for local and International Schools in the State of Qatar. Member of the World Association of Inventions and Intellectual Property (WIIPA). Called to join Russian International Innovations and Inventions club. "Archimedes " Called to join the International Federation of Inventor Association (IFIA). 5. Water & Climate Change Climate Change is a significant threat to the water and food security. Has significant impact on quality and quantity of water resources. Causes drought. Lead to desertification. 6. Agriculture is very important in human, social, environment and economic development. Water sustainability strategies are important to provide continues supply of fresh water. 7. New technologies are needed and be adapted to increase quality and quantity of water production. Qatar National Vision 2030 four pillars are dependent on the water supply. 8. Water supply from desalination plants has great impacts on the government expenditures. It is produced with very high cost, huge amount of energy consumption which affects the environment and has negative impacts on the marine life. 9. The fuel gas being used to produce water and electricity can be used as feed stock for the petrochemical plants to increase the countrys income and protect the environment. 10. The over pumping of the groundwater causes tremendous risk. Shortages of groundwater. Sea water seepages, which increases salinity. Agricultural contamination of drainage water from chemical fertilizers and pesticides leaking into the groundwater. 11. AGRI-GREEN Agri-Green is a rescuer and provides solution to the water scarcity and desertification in countries: Having shortage of underground water. Low rainfall and difficulty to obtain water supply. With problems of arsenic and phosphate contamination in the groundwater. Increase the underground water strategic reservoir. 12. Agri-Green is the most wanted commodity on earth now and in the future. It can be used for domestic, agriculture and industrial purposes. Agri-Green can produce water for golf course landscaping and cooling. 13. Agri-Green Produces an average of 1,800 gallons of fresh water per day from the suspended humidity in the air. It is 100% environment friendly and protects the environment from the negative effects of climate change. It does not use any fuel and does not emit toxic gases, CO2 and GHG to the atmosphere. 14. It is a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project which contributes to the prevention and reduction of air pollution. It protect, creates healthier and cleaner environment. It reduces the use of desalination plants to save marine life. 15. Restructure and revitalize agricultural farms by providing water and cold air. Create and develop new means of irrigation that can provide the needed water to grow forages for livestock animals. 16. Improve the standard of living in any country by contributing to the creation of new jobs and reduce unemployment. One of the Sustainable Development Projects which can contribute to support the country's infrastructure. 17. Generate its own power from solar and air for its continuous operation or any additional requirement by using renewable energy. Strengthen the water and food security program of the country. Its technology is economical in all standards. 18. Able to produce water and cold air for horse stable, football stadiums, large halls, family gardens, labor accommodations, and Greenhouse. The use of Agri-Green will place the State of Qatar amon gthe countries that utilize natural sources. 19. INTEGRATED AGRI-GREEN TECHNOLOGY The integrated Agri-Green technology is a system of growing food & fodders, fish and animals using the Agri-Green machine, Agri-Green Greenhouse, hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics. And the horse stable, cattle and dairy farm house. 20. Advantages of the Integrated Agri- Green Technology Minimizing the uses of water and electricity. Utilizing minimum agriculture production area. Growing plants with out soil. 21. High quality and quantity products all year round. Possibility of integrated fish and vegetable farming with limited space. Safe environment as it does not use pesticide or insecticide.(i.e. chemical free). 22. conclusion Agri-Green will increase marginal profit of any enterprise, which will increase the income to achieve social and economic progress. This will help the country to attain its goals and objectives without exhausting or depleting the Earth's natural resources. 23. Based on what was mentioned in this presentation, we find that the amazing Agri-Green machine is the solution to attain water and food security. And Qatar National Vision 2030 requirements are covered to attain the goals and objectives. 24. Thank You For your attention Now the time for Question and Answers