Advancements of The Nikon D4 Digital Camera

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Alaskan Cruises and Land Tours

The Nikon D4 Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Camera William Harcourt1Alaskan tours 2013.Information for Travel Agents.Digital Cameras: Redefining Our View of the WorldGet Instant Feedback Get crystal clear images instantly.Edit images right in the camera before printing them yourself at home on your OWN printer!

No More FilmStore your photos on a removable storage card that now allows you to take up to 360 photographs. That's 15 rolls of film for every 24 exposures used in conventional cameras!

Harcourts All-Star Variety2Digital Cameras: More BeneficialShare with family and friends more easily

Enjoy the ease of portability

Take more stunning, professional-looking pictures

Synch easily with your personal computer and other devicesPrint only if desired, since images are digital

Save Money!Edit your own photos!No more waiting for them to be developed

Become your familys own professional photographer!

Harcourts All-Star Variety3Information for Travel Agents.Alaskan tours 2013.3Cost & Specifications of the Latest Nikon D4:Manufacturers Warranty Terms - Parts: 1 year limitedManufacturers Warranty Terms - Labor: 1 year limitedHeight: 6.2 inchesWidth: 6.1 inchesDepth: 3.4 inchesAVGE. Price: US$5099-US$5999

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4Advance Features:Achieves an ideal balance of high-pixel count and FX-format sensor size, producing exceptionally sharp, clean and well-saturated images.

Automatically adjusts LCD visibility according to the environment for bright, crisp image playback.

Offers 10 fps shutter bursts with full AF and AE performance for up to 200 frames.

Aligns its 15 cross-type sensors in the center to detect contrast for both vertical and horizontal lines with lenses f/5.6 or faster.

Optimized for stills and HD video, EXPEED 3 brings well-saturated color and natural depth.

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Identify some of our partners.5Alaskan tours 2013.Information for Travel Agents.More Advance Capabilities: Enjoy full 1080p HD broadcast-quality video.

shoots confidently in nearly any light even in places where the human eye has difficulty focusing.

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Capture The ViewHarcourts All-Star Variety7Making the Nikon D4 Camera Work for You:Harcourts All-Star-Variety8

8Alaskan tours 2013.Information for Travel Agents.Let Not Another Stunning View Slip by!The Nikon D4 digital camera is truly a uniquely tailored instrument. Its many capabilities and lasting durability make it an ideal gift this season for the photographer in your life.Harcourts AllStar-Variety9