Activity Digital Identities in the Web of Things

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  • 1.Active Digital Identities in the Web of Things The Web as the Universal Platform for the Physical WorldDominique Guinard, Ph.D. ETH ZurichCTO & co-founder @ EVRYTHNG Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard

2. EVRYTHNG Ltd. London / ZurichNiall Murphy, CEOAndy Hobsbawm, CMOVlad Trifa, CPO Dom Guinard, CTO Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard 3. Motivation[] Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard 4. TUESDAY, AUGUST 10, 2010 Evrythng Limited | Dominique 5. Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard 6. A Fast Increasing Number of Smart Things A very large ecosystem of smart things,complex application development Evrythng Limited | Dominique 7. The Web of Things: Bridging the Physical/Virtual Gap [f] Simplifying Application Development in the Internet of Things Evrythng Limited | Dominique 8. Web of Things Application Architecture Evrythng Limited | Dominique 9. Use-case: Energie Visible Developers: Smart Meters as aRESTful Web API: Mashup with anylanguage supportingHTTP Users: Used by severalfamilies around theworld (EnergieVisible) Evrythng Limited | Dominique 10. Social Access Controller (SAC) Evrythng Limited | Dominique 11. Sharing in Friends and Things Evrythng Limited | Dominique 12. Electronic Article Surveillance as a Physical Mashup[Gui2010d] Guinard, D., Floerkemeier,C., & Sarma, S. Cloud Computing,REST and Mashups to Simplify RFIDApplications, WoT 2011[Naef 2009] Naef , L. ClickScript avisual programming language in thebrowser. Master Thesis, ETH Zurich Evrythng Limited | Dominique 13. Product Intelligence Dashboard Widget toolboxSelected tagged What are my currentChocolatestock levels for this Chocolate?Where is this Chocolate coming from?Where is the new one IWhat do people thinkordered?about this Chocolate?Follow this chocolate Product Consumer:on my mobile phone/browser Manager: I want live infousing a feed ! I want BI forabout this my products!Chocolate Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard 14. WoT & Business? [] Evrythng Limited | Dominique 15. We aint seen nothing yet All kinds of objects will haveintelligence and the ability tocommunicate. P&G ships 40trillion some objects per year,imagine them all connected. Chetan Sharma, leading wireless analyst, 2011 Evrythng Limited | Dominique 16. Connecting people + products How to connectproduct and Accessories, customerexperience?Consumers How link a productwith own & 3 rd party How to connect thedigital services?things I care aboutinto my social graph? How to connectproducts through the How to easily findsupply chain to enddigital content,customers?community adviceand services linkedto my product?Producers How to share contentfrom or linked to myproduct? Evrythng Limited | Dominique 17. A Facebook for thingsa Think of a Facebook for things individual things with uniquedigital profiles, like we have, to update, share and add to Applications EVRYTHNG CloudServicesTags ObjectsAn Active Digital Identity profile for every thing. Evrythng Limited | Dominique 18. App Ideas? Join our Beta! Becomes a social object A cloud store for your Active Digital Identities RESTful API, low-footprint friendly (Arduinos and co) Libraries for: Java Ruby Android (coming soon) Will be complemented with new APIs soon! Evrythng Limited | Dominique 19. Conclusions [f] What did we contribute? What are the current limitations? Evrythng Limited | Dominique 20. Thanks a lot for your attention Dominique Guinard Looking for: Research Blog: Java backend, Play, Jetty, Company: Jackson, PHP, Python, etc.) Contact details: Frontend, CSS, Javascript, etc.) Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard 21. Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard Evrythng Limited | 2012 22. Resource Oriented ArchitectureResource Representation Interface Design Design Design http://:/genericNodes /node1/sensors /temperature GET, DELETE GET GET, PUThttp://:/genericNodes Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard 23. 30 Billion Devices, 5% are Networked!Resource Representations Interface Implementation DesignDesign DesignStrategy Evrythng Limited | Dominique