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  • 5 (free)Lifehacking Tools Oh, heck yes.
  • Ever be chilling on Facebook and suddenlyyou find yourself on photo 79 in an obscurephoto album of a friend of a friend from highschool?
  • 1. Track Your Time Rescue Time https://www.rescuetime.com/Rescue Time helps you track, record, and analyze your time online
  • Do you develop lots of lists-like books to read, movies to watch,music to listen to - only to misplace or forget about these lists?
  • 2. Centralize Your Checklists SpringPad http://springpadit.com/home/SpringPad can help organize lists and notes
  • Pumpkin Lattesblowing yourbudget?
  • 3. Manage Your Money Mint https://www.mint.com/Mint helps you develop budgets and tracks your spending habits
  • Craving a smiley face of support after you go to the gym?
  • 4. Gauge Your Goals 42 Goals http://42goals.com/42 Goals helps you set goals and track your progress
  • Want a reminder of when you said youd stop watching Hulu?
  • 5. Set an Alarm E.ggtimer. com http://e.ggtimer.com/Keep yourself honest with this timer-useful for cooking and interneting!