5 apps to be more productive with salesforce cases

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  • 1. 5 apps to be more productive with Salesforce Cases Follow us @icsfdc August 6th, 2013 www.InternetCreations.com
  • 2. @icsfdc Agenda 1. Case Flags 2. Email to Case Premium 3. Case Merge Premium 4. Case Split 5. Change Case Ownership Plus www.InternetCreations.com
  • 3. @icsfdc 1. Case Flags Monitor your organization's response times with Cases via color coded flags. Measure initial response time Let flags age only during your business's hours of operation. Account-Specific Hours www.InternetCreations.com AppExchange Listing: http://ic.force.com/cf
  • 4. @icsfdc 2. Email to Case Premium Extends the basic functionality of Salesforce.com's standard email to case. Add a comment and send an email in one click Inbound emails create clean Case Comments Auto Create new Contacts Canned Comments with Merge Fields Email Loop Protection Drag & Drop Attachments Add To, CC, and BCC Recipients with type-ahead search www.InternetCreations.com AppExchange Listing: http://ic.force.com/e2cp
  • 5. @icsfdc 3. Case Merge Premium Enables authorized users to find duplicate Cases and merge them together. Duplicate Case Indicator Automatically redirects inbound emails to the new Case Everything is archived Merge your favorite fields List view merging www.InternetCreations.com AppExchange Listing: http://ic.force.com/cmp
  • 6. 4. Case Split @icsfdc Split unrelated issues into new Cases. Easily move or clone data from an existing Case to a newly created Case Choose what's copied Supports standard and custom objects www.InternetCreations.com AppExchange Listing: http://ic.force.com/cs
  • 7. @icsfdc 5. Change Case Ownership Plus Save clicks when changing ownership of a case with this new, enhanced Change Case Ownership page. www.InternetCreations.com Assign ownership of cases faster Automatically transfer open activities Allows original case owner to maintain visibility AppExchange Listing: http://ic.force.com/ccop
  • 8. @icsfdc Simple Survey www.InternetCreations.com Receive higher than usual response rates with 1 click surveys Generate service ratings and optionally request comments Branded email template and landing page with your logo 100% native Salesforce app that is fully extensible with workflow, reporting, and Apex Live Demo 8/27 at 2PM ET: http://internetcreations.com/events/
  • 9. @icsfdc www.InternetCreations.com Questions? AppExchange: ic.force.com/appexchange Facebook: Facebook.com/WeAccelerateService Twitter: @icsfdc