21st century curriculum

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  • 1. 21st Century Curriculumis it needed?
    By Travis Gulick

2. What is 21st Century Curriculum??
Understand core subjects in relation to 21st century content w/21st century assessments
Interpretive learning and thinking skills
Information and communications technology
Important 21st century life skills
3. Why learn 21st century skills?
The world is changing and to succeed we need to adapt to our surroundings.
4. Background Information
Standards are being raised worldwide and in turn increasing the importance ofassessments.
5. Background Information cont
Schools focus on professional development to help students excel.
6. Background Information cont
Learning environments changing along with the available technology.
7. Impact on K-12 Education
Despite national education budget cuts schools should expect to implement 21st century learning skills into the classroom through technology.
8. Impact on K-12 Education cont
Flexibility and adaptability
Shows initiative and self-direction
Cross-Cultural communication
Productivity and accountability
9. Whats being done?
Groups like Partnership for 21st Century Skillsare among the leaders in promoting the move into updated 21st century skills inside schools.
10. Whats being done? cont
Organizations like e School News offer many free tools and resources for teachers to help integrate technology into their classrooms.
11. Conclusion
Students NEED to be exposed to the 21st century skills so that they can prepare themselves for a future career of their choice. We dont want this for our kids.
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