10 tips to manage projects in a more agile way

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Text of 10 tips to manage projects in a more agile way

  • 1. 10 tips to manage projects in a more Agile wayRanjit Sidhu ChangeQuest Ltd 2012
  • 2. Focus on the business needEnsure the project is aligned tobusiness priorities and getagreement on the benefitsexpected ChangeQuest Ltd 2012
  • 3. CollaborateActively involverepresentatives from thebusiness areas to shareknowledge andunderstand requirements ChangeQuest Ltd 2012
  • 4. Allow the solution to evolveAgree high levelrequirements early on,and allow the lower leveldetail to evolve as theproject progresses ChangeQuest Ltd 2012
  • 5. Develop iterativelyRegularly review what isbeing developed as yougo along, to ensure theright thing is produced ChangeQuest Ltd 2012
  • 6. Prioritise work - MoSCoWPrioritisation isessential for working Must haveto fixed timescales Should haveapply to tasks, Could haverequirements, testing, Wont this timeacceptance criteria ChangeQuest Ltd 2012
  • 7. Have daily team stand-upsTeam membersprovide a shortprogress update andraise any issues thatcould hinder their work ChangeQuest Ltd 2012
  • 8. Report using appropriatelevels of formalityEnough to demonstratecontrol and give confidencebut dont let reportingbecome an overhead.People talking to each otheris much more effective ChangeQuest Ltd 2012
  • 9. Aim for incremental deliveryConsider how to deliversolution in stages, ratherthan just at the end ofthe project - so thebusiness benefits sooner ChangeQuest Ltd 2012
  • 10. Focus on qualityEnsure the solution is fit forpurpose it meets theacceptance criteria anddoes what it needs to do,no more, no less ChangeQuest Ltd 2012
  • 11. Deliver on timeTreat timely delivery ascritical to success.Keep focused onbusiness priorities andresolve issues quickly tomaintain momentum ChangeQuest Ltd 2012
  • 12. Further informationLearn more aboutAgile Project ManagementT +44 (01)276 34480 ChangeQuest Ltd 2012