When #WorldCup Meets The Office

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#Brazil is #ready, #WorldCup2014 is coming. Start your #countdown to the next FIFA World Cup with #VietnamWorks no matter if you are in the #office or on the way to the #stadium!


<ul><li> Working SpiritWorld Cup Spirit VS </li> <li> This is World Cup </li> <li> This is your office </li> <li> How couldWorld Cup meetThe Office? </li> <li> Every game is a task </li> <li> Deadline is 90 minutes </li> <li> KPI is to WIN the game </li> <li> You have your own POSITION </li> <li> You have your own STRATEGY </li> <li> Your COMPETITORS will always try to stop you </li> <li> Your LEADER keeps pushing you </li> <li> You have to be a goodTEAM PLAYER </li> <li> And find the way to STAND OUT </li> <li> WORLD CUP happens in every 4 years </li> <li> But you can have your own WORLD CUP EVERYDAY </li> <li> So play HARD play SMART </li> <li> Score your own GOALS </li> <li> And be the CHAMPION </li> <li> Join us to be the CHAMPION and MOVE UP At www.VietnamWorks.com </li> <li> www.blogs.vietnamworks.com </li> </ul>