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Sport Review 2011


  • 1. CARLOS D.B. LIMA 2011

2. Season 2011This season I was in 25 races: Mountain bike, Duathlons, Triathlonsand running in Holland, Belgium and Portugal. With the help frommine sponsors and my inner strength, I always try to give the best ofme. Sport is my life!If you want to know more about me, take a look at my site:WWW.CARLOS-LIMA.NET . 3. Best Results:- Off Road Duathlon Deurne (NL) - 7.Place- Off Road Duathlon Geel (BE) - 4.Place- Off Road Triathlon Valkenburg (NL) - 14.Place- Half Marathon Weert (NL)- 10.Place- Powerman Holland - Horst (NL)- 25.Place- Time Trial Almere (NL) - 34.Place- Triathlon Leopoldsburg (BE) - 30.Place- Stads Triathlon Weert (Olympic) (NL) - 39.Place- Sprint Triathlon Maresia Waspik (NL) - 4.Place- Houffalize MTB Marathon (BE) - 25.Place- Cranendock Run 10.5K (NL) - 1.Place- Off Road Duathlon Weert (NL) - 18.Place- MTB Cup Mulleners VastGoed (Nl) - 16.Place- Cross 9K Ijzeren Man Weert (NL) - 9.Place- Ijzeren Man Volksloop 17.5K (NL) - 3.Place- Mizuno Bergloop 5K (NL) - 4.Place- Off Road Duathlon Reusel (NL) - 11.Place- Halve Marathon Ell (NL) - 4.Place 4. BAIA DO SADO PORTUGAL 5. GOALS 2012Winter Duathlon LimburgDuathlon Lezirias - PortugalRun-Bike-Run DeurneNK Off-Road Duathlon AlmereOff Road Triathlon ValkenburgOmloop van de IJzerenman - Race BikeHalf marathon WeertPowerman - HorstHalf Marathon International Setubal - Costa Azul3 Stads Triathlon WeertMaresia TriathlonAlmereTriathlon BredaArdennes TrophyTriathlon NuenenHouffalize MarathonCranendonck run24 hours MTBGulbergenOff Road Duathlon WeertIjzeren Man CrossOff Road Duathlon Reusel