Kareem Martin, DE Scouting Report

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  1. 1. Martin Kareem North Carolina DE #95 5.7 Last Name First Name College Position Final Grade 66 272 4.72 Height Weight 40 speed Test Score ATHLETIC ABILITY SECTION GRADE: 6.0 Q.A.B 6.0 Quick Feet 5.5 C.O.D. 5.5 Flexibility 6.0 Coordination 6.0 Kareem is a good athlete. COMPETITIVENESS SECTION GRADE: 5.5 Toughness 6.0 Clutch Play 5.0 Production 5.5 Consistency 5.5 Team Player 6.0 Pride / Quit 5.0 Kareem is tough. His production is inconsistent, and he gives up on plays. He is competitive when he wants to be. MENTAL ALERTNESS SECTION GRADE: 6.0 Learn / Retain 6.0 Inst/Reaction 6.0 Concentration 5.5 Kareem is a smart player with good instincts, but lacks concentration. STRENGTH/ EXPLOSION SECTION GRADE: 5.5 Body Type 6.5 Kareem has very good size and long arms, but needs to bulk up. He is inconsistent with his explosion and play strength.Durability 6.0 Explosion 5.5 Play Strength 5.5 GDE CATEGORY COMMENTS DESCRIPT GAMES VIEWED COMBINE NOTES 6.0 Read & React Good recognition Boston College 2013 & Cincinnati 2013 Belk Bowl 225 REPS 22 VERTICAL JUMP 35.5 BROAD JUMP 129 20 SHUTTLE 4.33 5.0 Initial Quicks Slow off ball 5.5 Play Strength Doesnt play to his natural strength can be aggressive when wants to 5.5 Use of Hands Inconsistent with hand use 5.5 Shed Blocker Lacks to get out of blocks
  2. 2. GDE CATEGORY COMMENTS DESCRIPT GAMES VIEWED COMBINE NOTES 5.5 Run at Him Can be dominant when aggressive 60 SHUTTLE NA 3 CONE 7.205.0 Pursuit / Range Does a good job coming down the LOS, but 5.5 Tackling Good tackler, but inconsistent 5.5 Closing Burst Lacks to finish plays CRITICAL FACTORS 5.0 Power Rush Can be dominant when aggressive SIZE 6.5 INITIAL QUICKS 5.0 PLAY STR 5.5 COMPETES 5.5 PLAY SPEED 5.5 INSTINCTS 6.0 5.0 Speed Rush Can be dominant when aggressive 5.5 Errors No glaring mental errors, but lacks production STRONG POINTS WEAKNESSES Body size, good eyes and recognition Getting off blocks, competitiveness SUMMARY Kareem is a good athlete who lacks competitiveness. Needs to be coached extremely well to produce well consistently.