Twenty is Plenty

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A presentation to persuade Leeds Highways department to amend the signs and calming measures in Chapel Allerton to make the zone conforms to the very clear legal requirement of Traffic Signs General Directions 2002.

Text of Twenty is Plenty

  • 1. TheMontreal Avenue - King George Avenue 20mph zone in Chapel Allerton Some suggestions for improvements

2. Road signs - Diagram 674

  • The signs used in this zone are to diagram 674, each with a childs design below the statutory part of the sign
  • This causes the statutory part to be too high and difficult to read compare front and rear of sign at bottom of Gledhow Park Drive

3. Poor location of signs -1

  • Some of the signs are difficult to read from a moving vehicle because of their location- for instance . . .
  • Montreal Avenue and Church Lane from Harrogate Road

4. Montreal Ave/Church Lane(1) 5. Montreal Ave / Church Lane(2) 6. Gledhow Lanefrom Gledhow Valley Road 7. King George Ave-when turning into KGA southbound from Harrogate Road (right hand photo), it is virtually impossible to see the signs 8. Woodland Lane there is a lot of clutter around the right hand sign, making it difficult to read 9. Gledhow Park DrivefromGledhow Valley Road 10. Gledhow Park RoadfromGledhow Valley Road 11. Signs in other locations(1)

  • The 20mph home zone in the Methleys is extremely well signposted and for the whole zone the 20mph limit is self-enforcing

12. Signs in other locations(2)

  • In the village ofBurley Woodheadthere is a very self-enforcing 20mph zone entry signs are clear, easily seen, unambiguous
  • The traffic calming measures are simple and effective

13. TSGD 2002 the law of the land

  • Speed limits of 20 mph
  • 16.-(1)The sign shown in diagram 674 may only be placed on a road ifno pointon any road(not being a cul-de-sac less than 80 metres long),to which the speed limit indicated by the sign applies, is situatedmore than 50 metresfrom a traffic calming feature.

14. Spacing ofTraffic Calming Measures(1)

  • King George Avenue ,
  • from Gledhow Lane roundabout southbound =44metres to first TCM, then104metres to next, then78metres, then125metres and115metres to exit sign at traffic lights
  • The spacing of the TCMs at the southern end of KGA do not meet the requirements of TSGD 2002, but the situation is better further up this road

15. Spacing ofTraffic Calming Measures(2)

  • Gledhow Lane
  • from GVR to Allerton Park =495metres, no TCMs
  • Gledhow Park Drive (east part)
  • from GVR to cushion at 5-way roundabout =195metres, no TCMs
  • Gledhow Park Drive(west part)
  • from King George Ave =91metres to first TCM,
  • then145metres to next TCM, and154metres to cushion at 5-way roundabout

16. Spacing ofTraffic Calming Measures(3)

  • Gledhow Park Avenue
  • from speed cushion near 5-way roundabout = 112metres to first TCM, then374metres with no TCMs
  • Gledhow Park Grove
  • whole length = 370metres with no TCMs
  • Roxholme Grove
  • from Harehills Lane to Gledhow Park Avenue =260metres with no TCMs

17. Spacing ofTraffic Calming Measures(4)

  • Woodland Lane ,
  • from TCM near Gledhow Lane, =182metres to junction with Regent Street, then a further88metres to next TCM near park, then141metres to TCM near Short Lane, then116metres to signs at zone entrance at Harrogate Road
  • Regent Street,from junction with Woodland Lane to exit on to Harrogate Road =133metres

18. Other roads in the zonewithout any TCMs at all

  • Allerton Park
  • Pasture Avenue
  • Pasture Lane
  • Norfolk Gardens
  • Northbrook Street
  • Victoria Street
  • Well Lane
  • Hawthorn Road
  • Church Lane
  • Dominion Avenue
  • Alberta Avenue
  • Hillside Road


  • 20mph zones should be self-enforcing
  • The signage at all the entrances to the zone should be clear and easily visible, so that drivers know what the applicable limit is
  • The traffic calming measures within the zone must be adequate to ensure the speed limit is observed
  • This scheme does not meet these requirements and is therefore illegal