The Vine #3 - Planting The Vine

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  1. 1. The Vine - #3 - Planting The Vine John 15: 1 *1. See photo/video credits at end of article. Beautiful Crimson seedless grapes, still on the Vine. Great dappled sunlight... Excellent husbandry... Nicely Done! Planting The Vine We discovered in session #2 ['The Husbandman'] that the husbandmen of the earthly vineyard has a great deal to do prior to the day when he plants the vineyard. Just the planning and the preparation of the soil can be a very involved process, depending heavily upon the characteristics of the land (Israel) being developed. Fortunately we have our earthly husbandman Michael J. Neal to rely on for a wealth of information & tips on everything that needs to take place, from start to finish, throughout the process of planting a vine to the actual harvest, and beyond. This gives us insights into some of the things that were taking place when God carried out the plan for our salvation.
  2. 2. Once all of those details are taken care of, the next detail that begs the attention is what vine will be planted and where will it come from. God, The True Husbandman had a distinct advantage over His earthy counterparts. He already knew all of that from the beginning of time. Let's take a look in this short (4:43) video at what the earthy husbandman must consider when selecting the vine and planting it. Please scroll to the bottom of the article to click the live link #2. What Did We Learn? *3 Drawing credits at end of article. 1. Root stock grafted with a one bud scion Mary was the root stock, and God grafted a single Bud into her to grow branches that bare fruit. In the drawing above you see the One Bud grafting onto the root stock. I'm sure you've heard people, especially guys refer to their best friend as their 'Bud' or buddy. Jesus should be our 'Bud', our BFFE [best friend for ever]! He is our Brother, The Legitimate Son of Our Heavenly Father, The True Vine of the True Husbandman, and best of all, the Savior of the whole world! What A Bud! Who wouldn't be excited that He is coming back soon to take His Brothers and Sisters Home? He's coming to get His friends.
  3. 3. 2. The tender young plants grow in a green house for a period of time. Mary, Jesus Mother was His 'greenhouse', and as you can imagine, she was a very nice greenhouse. She hid and protected the tender shoot until it was strong enough to survive outside in a harsh land. 3. A large hole is dug to plant, in so that the roots can be surrounded with a lot of loose soil to encourage the roots to grow outward. God surrounded His Son with a large group of people who believed in the only True God, the True Husbandman. 4.The planting area is watered a couple of days before planting to be certain that the conditions are perfect for planting. God set up the 'perfect' conditions for the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation for us. When we look at the conditions in which Jesus was raised, we could easily come to the conclusion that the situation was NOT perfect. Rome was in control, the promised land was under subjection to the emperor, and the Israelite's were being heavily taxed. But all these situations were actually perfectly set up by 'the watering' that God did. If Rome hadn't been in control there wouldn't have been a census that required Joseph to go to Bethlehem where prophesies foretold Jesus would be born. Jesus wouldn't have been crucified, but most likely would have been stone for blasphemy like the Jews used to do. 5. Now the earthly husbandman takes the vine out of the tube, which was a little difficult (the birthing process). Just like the vine can not remain in the 'growing tube' if it is to reach it's full potential, The Son of God had to be born into this world for the world to gain the benefits of His Life here, and for His willing sacrifice to made for us all. 6. Spread out the roots at the Bottom. (went to Egypt for a year or two?) Mary (the root) was taken with Jesus to escape Herod's attempt to kill Jesus. Then a year or two later, after Herod died the angel of The Lord told Joseph it was safe to take them back. 7. A 'Tea Bag' of plant food called 'Micro Riser' is placed into the bottom of the hole to give extra nourishment to help the young plant establish itself in it's new environment. (nourishment = the Spirit of God)
  4. 4. 8. The 'spaghetti tubes' supplying the water, (can be moved around as needed to encourage root growth) remind us that God is always right near by with everything we need to grow into a healthy branch that bares excellent fruit. 9. The 'Milk Carton' placed around the tender young plant that protects it from the cold & from rabbits, reminds us of God protecting Jesus from Herod, (the cold/evil rabbit trying to eat/kill the tender shoot) and that God will always be there to protect us. Now that 'The True Vine' has been safely planted the next job for the Husbandman is to nurture it and train it up to be strong enough to support branches. Ah yes! Much is told about The Branches! *1. Credits for the first photo: #2. This link is live Michael Neal offers a few practical tips when Planting A New Vineyard. *3. Credits