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<ul><li> 1. By: Caleb Isaacson<br />My Friends <br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Isaiah Cornelius <br />I met Isaiah in Elementary school at Landis Elementary in Landis North Carolina.<br />He was just a all around good person. If I need him he was there <br /> 3. Cameron Isenhour<br />I have known Cameron for most of my life my mom and his mom were friends. He is one of my best friends. We ended up going to the same school and still maintained our friendship when I left to go to a different school in 6th grade. <br /> 4. Will Howland<br />I met Will when I came Gray Stone Day School.<br />He is a good friend and always helps me if I need help. <br />He is a good friend and is a all around good person<br />This is his self-portrait <br /> 5. Isaac Russell<br />I meet him in 6th grade when he came to my school. I am good friends with himand he is a person if you need help he will help you<br /> 6. Alex Yost<br />We met at church. Technically he is my 3rd cousin but he is more of a friend.<br />Recently I have not been around him, but we were very good high school friendsand I have fun memories of him as a kid. <br /> 7. Henry Carter<br />I meet him when we when went to the same school. <br />We are good friends, and we have wars all the time including airsoft ,paintball and other fights. <br />We have been friend for around four years know. <br /> 8. Zack Allen<br />I meet Zack when we went to the same school. He and I were best friends in middle school. He is an awesome person and he is still a good friend to this day.<br />That is him on the left.<br /> 9. Blake Morton <br />He is someone I met at Gray Stone Day School. I am friends with him for reason I don really know why. He is funny and can take jokes without being mad at them. He also has an interest in computers.<br /> 10. David Freidman <br />I meet him at Gray Stone we were not friends until I discovered my love for juggling. He is awesome and taught me how to juggle. He is funny and is all around awesome.<br /> 11. Alex Bernal <br />I met Alex when I came to Gray Stone. He and I have a on going argument about technology and technology companies. Strangelythat is how our friendship started.<br /> 12. The End<br /></p>