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Here is the slideshow that can help give a good picture of what we do.

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2. Cru Campus Crusade for ChristCOMPETITIONThere is tremendous competitionfor the minds and hearts ofstudents. 3. CruCampus Crusade for ChristS T U D E N T S T O D AY FA C E M A N Y CHALLENGESForget everything you learned about the New Testament. Jesus was a homosexual and a magician. PHILOSOPHY PROFESSORSOUTHEASTERN COLLEGE While you are in this class, you will be expected to bean Agnostic or Atheist. Anyone with sincere religious beliefs will be expected to take off his religious hat PROFFESSOR, UNIVERSITY OF TEXASA recent study by a task force on collegedrinking indicated that the followingnumber of alcohol-related incidents occureach year among students in the U.S.:Nearly 600,000 injuries; 6,000 sexualassaults, more than 1,800 deaths.My youngest son is attending the University ofOklahoma[He] has been thoroughly brainwashedby his professors. He has lost his faith in God andhas been taught that truth is relative. LETTER FROM A GRIEVED MOTHER TO CRU 4. CruCampus Crusade for ChristBUTGODIn the face of these competitive forces, God isbringing an increasing number of students into arelationship with Himself. 5. CruCampus Crusade for Christ EACHSTUDENTWe are trusting God to reachthe 150 million college studentsof the world with the messageof Christ. Each student. Everycampus. 6. CruCampus Crusade for ChristWe talk with students aboutWINChrist in many ways. ConversationsINTRODUCINGPEOPLE TO JESUS Outreaches Digital and Social Media 7. Cru Campus Crusade for Christ BUILD C R E AT I N GLIFE-CHANGINGCOMMUNITY Our ministry is aboutchanged lives. 8. CruCampus Crusade for ChristBUILD C R E AT I N GLIFE-CHANGINGCOMMUNITYWe help students grow in their relationship withGod through: Conferences and retreats Small groups Mentoring relationships Learning how to tell others about Christ 9. CruCampus Crusade for Christ SEND Short-term and long-term LIVING LIFEmission tripsON A MISSION Church leadership Ministry in the workplace Full-time Christian work 10. CruCampus Crusade for Christ SEND100% SENTFrom the university campus a greatmissionary force is being raised up and sentout to reach the world for Christ.As the Father has sent me,I am sending you.-- JESUS (JOHN 20:21) 11. Cru Campus Crusade for ChristAs a result of our ministry, our staffmembers on the field are empowered andresourced to reach students for Christ. 12. Cru Campus Crusade for ChristWHO WE ARE Bill and Vonnette Bright started Cru at UCLA in 1951. 13. CruCampus Crusade for ChristWHO WE ARE 14. Cru Campus Crusade for ChristWHO WE ARE Andr Kole Ministry Athletes in Action Christian Embassy D.C. The JESUS Film Project Christian Embassy U.N. U.S. Campus Ministry Josh McDowell Ministry Faculty Commons Bridges International Keynote Family Life Destino Movement Military Ministry Global Aid Network (GAIN) Epic Movement New Life Resources Great Commission Foundation Nations Movement Priority Associates Heres Life Inner City World Headquarters at Lake Hart Story Runners The Impact Movement(A partnering ministry) Student Venture 15. Cru Campus Crusade for ChristWHO WE ARE Cru Mission: Helping build spiritual movements everywhere, so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. 16. Cru Campus Crusade for ChristWe invite others topartner with us toreach people forChrist. 17. CruCampus Crusade for ChristCru has no central funds forpaying salaries and ministryexpenses.Like many other missionorganizations, Cru dependsupon the consistent financialsupport of concernedindividuals and churches.These contributions are usedto fund the ministries of ourstaff members. 18. Cru Campus Crusade for ChristWe must find a team ofpartners who will give $100monthly or some other amountto support our ministry.As soon as this team iscomplete, we can turn our fullattention to reaching people forChrist. 19. Cru Campus Crusade for Christ To work diligently to touch the OUR lives of people for Jesus Christ. COMMITMENTTo regularly let you know howT O O U R PA R T N E R S God is blessing the ministry. To share prayer concerns with one another. 20. Cru Campus Crusade for Christ THECOMMITMENT Your partnership can make a difference in reaching people for Christ. Would you make a monthly commitment of $100 or some other amount? 21. CAMPUSM I N I S T RY