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INTRODUCTIONLucid dreaming is the ability to become consciously aware while you are dreaming and take active control of your deam.

A lucid dream is a dream in which one is aware that he/she is dreaming.

HOW COMMON ARE LUCID DREAMS ? About 58% of the population have experienced a lucid dream atleast once in their lifetime.

While about 21% report it with some frequency.

WHAT DOES LUCID DREAMING FEEL LIKE ? A fully lucid dream is tangible, rich and visually detailed.

It takes all places in your mind, the dream has no physical laws.

Any thing you conceive of can come true.

But a lucid dream is not merely a fantasy playground, it is a chance to interact with your subconscious self via dream characters. 6

HISTORY The concept of yoga nidra is very ancient in indian traditions.Lucid dreaming is a western term used to denote a practice similar to yoga nidra.

Tibetian buddhists practiced it in form of dream yoga.

Written by St. Augustine of hippo Augustine in a letter in 415 AD.

Coined by Frederik Van Eeden in his article in 1913. INSPIRATION FOR LUCID DREAMINGThe movie Inception popularized lucid dreaming and gave us new triggers for our night time musing.

The movie was written and directed by a real life lucid dreamer Christopher Nolan.

Is lucid dreaming scientifically proven ?There is a variety of scientific research that proves the existence of lucid dreaming.

In 1975, lucid dreaming was scientifically proven in the laboratory for the first time. PRACTICE AND REHEARSALAs the experiences in lucid dreams are very real, you can actually practice anything you want in your dreams.

You can practice dance moves, gymnastics, techniques in sports and even prepare for tomorrows presentation.

CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVINGWell if something is bothering you, disturbing you.. so just go to sleep!!

Become lucid and talk to your sub-consciousness and discuss all your problems with it.

Your sub-consciousness can manifest itself in the form of any figure like your mother, father , dead people or even a reflection of you!! THERAPEUTICLucid dreaming has also been used as a therapy for killing stress and allevating depression.

Like discussed beforeit is also used as a form of dream yoga.

ADVENTURE AND FANTASYThe first thing that attracts people to lucid dreaming is potential for wild adventure and fantasy fulfillment.

Flying is a favourite lucid dream delight.

OVERCOMING NIGHTMARESUnfortunately for many people, instead of providing unlimited fantasy and delight, dreams can be dreaded episodes of limitless terror. CONCLUSIONIf you really want your dreams to come true, just become lucid and continue dreaming.