How deep are your roots?

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  • 1.How deep are your roots?11/13/13 12:59 PMEngaging more graduate students, more effectively than ever before.View this email in your browser" you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith..." -Colossians 2:6-7, ESVAnnual Plan 2013-2014 1 of 4

2. How deep are your roots?11/13/13 12:59 PMFriends-Our desire is to involve an increasing number of graduate students and faculty in missional campus communities. In dependence on God, we intend to grow the area's ministry footprint to touch the lives of more than 550 graduate students this year--maturing disciples, new converts, returning believers, you name it. The academic and professions are intense. Heck, life is intense. In the midst of the storm, we long to see people rooted in the love and goodness of God in Christ. Below you'll see a brief overview of our foci for 2013-2014--discipleship, evangelism, and partnership. These are the things that we believe God is calling us to. At the end of the ministry year we expect to look back and see how God has used us to positively impact graduate students and faculty with the love and grace of God. All of the details of this plan belong to the Lord, and we're trusting him with them. It is, after all, to his glory! Your partner in ministry,Help launch this plan!DiscipleshipEvangelism Page 2 of 4 3. How deep are your roots?11/13/13 12:59 PMBy God's grace we will:By God's grace we will:By God's grace we will:Concentrate on developing andPray and work toward seeingDevelop and engage an Areadeepening the small groupmore than ten graduate studentsAdvisory Council to guide theministry at select chapters in thecome to faith in Christ.ministry of GFM in NC, SC, and VA.area. Lead 180 graduate students in Increase the number of smallintentional small groupIntentionally engage moregroups by intentionallyencounters where the purposepeople in direct graduate studentmultiplying small groups atand desired outcome is greaterministry.strategic points during thecomfort in bearing witness to theacademic year.gospel of Jesus Christ.$2,000 to fund four mini-grants of $500 to underwrite some or allProvide every small groupDevelop two new evangelismof the expense of fall studentleader excellent training in howtraining resources for study the Bible, shepherd aand national use with graduatecommunity of students, and usestudents and faculty.students to the 2014 Believerstheir spiritual gifts to advance the kingdom of God on campus.$500 to fund travel grant for MBADevelop and host at least onein Business Conference.public event with the purpose Lead 25% (80) of graduatecommunicating the gospel.students to explore more deeply the relationship between$5,000 to provide training and on-going coaching to new staff hired in 2013-2014.Christian faith and work. Clarify and deepen our partnership with Christian Medical & Dental Associations, Christian Legal Society, Leadership Edge and The Veritas Forum. 3 of 4 4. How deep are your roots?11/13/13 12:59 PMCopyright 2013 InterVarsity Christian Fellowship - Graduate & Faculty Ministries, All rights reserved.unsubscribe from this listupdate subscription preferences 4 of 4