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Happy Mothers Day

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Mothers Day 22nd March 2009 The family in needs of Christ Jesus

Text of Happy Mothers Day

  • 1. Times have changed and thefamily is facing great dangertoday.Today on Mothers Day, this sermon focuses on the family as it faces the problems of change in todays world of 2009

2. THE FAMILY YESTERDAY.A. LIFE WITHIN THE FAMILY.The goals of life were family goals, being happy at home, not busy in work was the true desire of people. Many families have risked the unknown dangers of a new land to seek freedom for their families and a better life. 3. THE FAMILY YESTERDAY.A. LIFE WITHIN THE FAMILY. The role of the individual was clearlydefined, the father, the mother andchild, and each contributed to theneeds of the family as a whole. 4. THE FAMILY YESTERDAY.A. LIFE WITHIN THE FAMILY. Family ties were strong and intimate.Members were secure in mutualsupport and concern.There were always two parents athome, to give guidance and love. 5. B. THE FAMILY IN THE COMMUNITY.1. The community was to the family what the family was to the individual members. The fortunes and misfortunes of life were shared within the community, often called the community spirit, when we cared for each other. 6. B. THE FAMILY IN THE COMMUNITY.2. The Church was central in the community life, where all people went, to learn and share their morals, as spiritual activities were central to the family life. 7. B. THE FAMILY IN THE COMMUNITY.3. The sanctity of marriage and the protection of the home were protected by common commitment to Christian values and biblical principles. 8. B. THE FAMILY IN THE COMMUNITY.4. The care and nurture of children was the common responsibility the family, of the school, and the Church. 9. THE FAMILY TODAY. A. CHANGES WITHIN THE FAMILY. There is a different attitude towards the marriage relationship today. Marriage today is now so often seen as a quot;dealquot; instead of a spiritual union. When one fails to give what the other expects, it is a quot;dirty dealquot; and divorce follows. This also brings a lack of relationships and intimacy between family members. Each does his or her quot;own thingquot;. Home is just a base of operations. There is little real communication. In the office of the marriage counsellor, one often hears one spouse say to the other, quot;But you never told me you felt that way.quot; 10. THE FAMILY TODAY. B. CHANGES WITHIN THE COMMUNITY. Families live in isolation from neighbours and seem to prefer it this way. What happens to others is not their concern. There is also public unconcern over the elements and forces that are destructive to family life and the welfare of children. Who knows the ultimate cost of these trends and changes? We have the uneasy feeling that we are losing something that we cannot do without, and cannot get back. The Church today is like quot;the voice of one crying in the wilderness. For few hear and few pay attention to. 11. THE FAMILY TOMORROW.A. WE MUST SEE THE PROBLEMS OF THE DAY, AS SPIRITUAL PROBLEMS CALLING FOR SPIRITUAL ANSWERS.We need to identify these destructive forces for what they are; quot;For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high placesquot; Ephesians 6:12. 12. THE FAMILY TOMORROW.B. CHRIST JESUS IS STILL THE ANSWER TO THE NEED OF THE FAMILY.The Christian faith is a quot;family affair, so the family members must be saved. Joshua said, quot;As for me and my house, we will serve the Lordquot; Joshua 24:15. 13. THE FAMILY TOMORROW.C. THE HOPE OF THIS NATION IS A CHRISTIAN HOME.The home more than the Church is the main authority over the people, for you spend most of your time in the home. Yet the Church must move to restore the family to its spiritual responsibility under God. 14. THE FAMILY TOMORROW.D. GOD'S INSTRUCTIONS TO FAMILIES.Moses reminded the people of Israel to love God and to teach His Commandments to their children (Deuteronomy 6:47). Paul the apostle was referring to the teaching tradition of the home when he reminded Timothy, quot;From a child you have know the Scripturesquot; 2 Timothy 3:15. For quot;Christianity is more caught then taught. 15. CONCLUSION: Christian homes within the Church community must shine as quot;lighthousesquot; for the people lost in the sea of change. We are to be the quot;salt of the earthquot; Matthew 5:13.As christians, what can we offer the unbeliever? We can only offer an unchanging Christ Jesus, for quot;He is the same yesterday, today, and foreverquot; Hebrews 13:8.We offer to you an unchanging Christ as your answer in a quot;changing world.