Chartres Dream Work, Wisdom University

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This presentation is a summary of the group dream work within the Wisdom University New Chartres School.

Text of Chartres Dream Work, Wisdom University

  • 1. New Chartres School IV, Musica 2009 Group Dream WorkFacilitated by Apela Colorado, Ph.D.,withWisdom University faculty and participants

2. Gathering the dreamers

  • For the past three years, Apela Colorado, Ph.D. assisted by Nancy Holm, A.B.D., graduate assistant, has facilitated a dream work group within the New Chartres School of Wisdom University. Knowing that dreams are the most direct and unmediated form of communication with unseen realms and that group dreaming can accelerate, amplify and strengthen the emergence of rapport, we met daily to share our dreams on the ancient sacred site of Chartres, France just as the Gauls and later, medieval Mystics would have done.
  • Initially we wondered what would happen. Could we connect with the sacred site itself?Would ancient mysteries come forward?Would we be changed in some way?What would happen if we simply paid attention?


  • Apela Colorado, Ph.D.

4. Our experience. . .

  • The dream work began in a 2005 preliminary visit to Chartres. Wisdom University President Jim Garrison, Ph.D., deep in meditation, envisioned the recreation of the medieval Mystery School. In 2006, Dr. Colorado led a midnight ceremony to seek permission to enter and renew the ancient traditions of dreaming and to link these with the postmodern mind.Immediately, participants began to come forward with dreams and, in response, the first informal dream sessions were convened. Since this was not a planned event, the only time available was 7:30 am.Even so, a handful of participants still in a hypnagogic state assembled daily.


  • Caroline Myss, Ph.D. and Wisdom University President Jim Garrison, Ph.D.

6. (cont.) In the following years the numbers of participants grew and the dreams became so frequent and strong that in 2009, the dream work was assigned a more central slot in the schedule.The results were stunning.First, the process was transformed with the appearance of a Scribe, Carlotta Tyler, M.S.O.D. with the ability to map, cartoon and notate dreams and group process as it happened.Then we discovered among us a musician, Barbara Daniels with a monochord instrument tuned to support deep states of mind. She played it at the opening and closing of our sessions.A rich addition was the astrological context set for the dreams every day by Astrologer Lynn Bell. 7. Dream work circle

  • Barbara Daniels with monochord (center)

8. (cont.)

  • We experienced a growing numinous quality to the work.The dreams were increasingly powerful and clearly our gathering together and discussing the dreams collectively was having a catalytic effect.This dream work circle not only strengthened the communication of the group itself, but it also facilitated the opening of the other side of the veil to us.This time together was beautifully, deeply, and powerfully sacred.

9. Astrological Insights

  • The Dream Group was astounded when, retrospectively, master astrologer Lynn Bell provided us with daily astrological insights.These opened up an understanding of the planetary influences on our dreams all week.
  • Just before we met for our Opening Ceremony, (the evening before our first Dream Work group), Venus entered Gemini.This gave us themes of twinning and splitting, light and shadow.Venus and Mars (conjunct but temporarily out of sign) indicates a disjunct between masculine and feminine, preparing for a new coming together.The Moons position brought awareness of tension with the past and anxiety and excitement for the future.
  • Astrological insights for each day will follow the dream themes for each day in the slides that follow.


  • Astrologer Lynn Bell provided daily astrologicalinsights

11. Overview

  • Each morning we came together, gathering in a Circle.We purified and offered prayers to open and close each session. Indigenous Elders teach us that the ceremony will reveal itself, and this became abundantly clear. In addition to the graphic scribe and monochord music, anything we needed magically appeared without asking!

12. 13. 14. Monday

  • In an Invocation Ceremony the night before, each participant had been initiated. Following the anointing we had gathered about a sacred fire for people to state their intentions, and make their prayers.Early Monday morning, a handful of bleary eyed but determined Dreamers showed up to share their dreams.

15. Dreams, Monday and Tuesday 16. Dreams, Monday*

  • Holding sleeping baby
  • 1.A dad asked the dreamer to hold a sleeping baby in a mall.The baby wakes, kicks and stretches; begins talking about economy and telepathy.Dreamer asks:Does your dad know how wise you are? When dad returns, baby stops talking.
  • .In order to
  • Getting ready for Musica
  • Dreamer is in a B & B getting ready to come to Musica.A big man aggressively enters the room while she is dressing.He says you must get out.She leaves, sees a vital red stallion.Thinks she should get back to her room.Then she sees herself with a baby boy who is her nephew in a stroller. She needs to go with him to the room.The horse is looking at American Indian saddle and gets scared.She gently moves out, takes stroller back, enters room.
  • * There is a discrepancy on the labeling of the days in the images (Day 1, 2, etc.).We have re-labeled slides by days of the week.Also, not all dreams have been recorded here.We have given samples of dreams for Monday and summarized themes for the rest of the week.

17. Dream (Mon. cont.)

  • Playing in the woods
  • Dreamer is in the woods as a childplaying in fallen trees.Climbed a triangular slab of rock that was in the woods.A child playfully grabbed her and hung on; dreamer feared that they would fall.Rock toppled over and they just missed getting crushed.

18. Monday, Common Dream Themes

    • Fear
    • Thresholds and departures
    • Old way is not going to work

19. Monday Astrological Insights

  • Powerful inward journey (Moon conjunct Pluto)
  • Shadow becomes visible (building toward full moon eclipse)
  • Awareness of things we cannot normally see (Sun and Moon completely linked)
  • The way is not entirely clear (Mars square Neptune)


  • The full moon early in the weekcoincided with our labyrinth walk and was reflected in the dreams of the group.

21. Tuesday

  • People retired Monday evening after a full day of sacred dance, the Symposia on Harmonics, Harmony and Health with Jim Garrison and Caroline Myss, and the essential Chartrean experience of walking the Labyrinth.The group had grown in size to about a dozen.But the combination of fatigue from jet lag, the rigorous schedule, and sheer overwhelm of Chartres itself, made it difficult for people to make it to the early morning session and to remember their dreams.Participants pressed for a time slot within the regular daily schedule.

22. Tuesday, Dreams (refer to first image, right hand side)

  • 1.(A vision during initiation circle in the garden)
  • Saw a tunnel of brickit was wide with a shallow roof, very long. She couldnt see what was at the end.Dark shadows were flying at her.
  • 2.Save the Planet
  • There was a gathering of people who want to save the planet. Dreamer asked them to do it; she couldnt come but it went well without her.
  • 3.Same dreamer, second dream:Met father in law [who is dead]She was happy to see him.He said We work with you together to save the planet.

23. Astrological Insights, Tuesday

  • Sense of a peak experience in the teaching and of leaving (full Moon and lunar eclipse)
  • We are asked to hold the powerful feeling experience (Moon in Capricorn)
  • Dissolving and coming together in a collective vision, of healing or disappointment, the emergence of a soul tribe
  • (Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron Conjunction exact all week)
  • What are we holding?
  • ?

24. Dreams at a glance, Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Initiation
  • The old way
  • Fossil and Solar
  • (also in Carolyn Mysslecture)
  • Male father figures (priests, ministers, fathers
  • Feminine sorrow of Gaia
  • Americans coming alive; need to heal Europeans
  • Labyrinth
  • Serpent
  • Birthing twins
  • Prone people throughout
  • Alchemical cooking

25. 26. Dreams at a glance: Wednesday (day 3)

  • Struggle, inert figures lying parallel
  • Fear, Where am I?
  • Snake bites, dead snake
  • Women, no icons
  • Women: no obedience for me
  • Struggle
  • Crossroads
  • Fossil age passing
  • Well

27. Wednesday

  • Dreams were becoming so compelling that despite a full schedule the day before, including Sacred Dance, Symposia by Jim Garrison and Caroline Myss . Immersion into the Sacred Art and Architecture of the Cathedral, as well as lunch time meetings with faculty, a small group still came to