What makes real estate companies adopt mobile apps

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<ul><li><p>What Makes Real Estate Companies Adopt Mobile Apps</p><p>With the increase in use of mobile apps across various domains and the popularity of these apps among the consumers, the real estate brokers and agents are increasingly looking at mobile app development for reshaping the home search process. There is no denying the fact that people (consumers) look for easier and faster ways to access data and that being said, the mobile apps offer them this convenience. While of course, optimizing the online websites for mobile and handheld devices will allow the real estate companies to get a better reach, it is only through the mobile apps that they can actually build a greater rapport with their present and potential clients. Mobile apps offer increased convenience and this often implies better conversion rates. </p><p>Apart from the convenience to the home buyer, the real estate apps developed by a reliable and experienced mobile application developer will offer increased broker or agent productivity. The real estate brokers or companies can increase their response time as they can almost instantly email floor plans, price quotes or community details directly through their mobile or handheld device and hence, there is no delay in sending the necessary information to the prospective home buyer. There are several app development companies that offer specialized services for real estate app development byincluding some very specific features in to these apps that are only relevant to the real estate industry.</p><p>Features of the Real Estate AppsWith real estate app development, the real estate companies are enjoying an increased patronage. This is primarily because of the wider reach they now enjoy. Typically, these real estate apps have some of the following features which make them popular among the property or home shoppers. These features are unique to the real estate industry and ensure that the home buyers get all possible details of the properties they are interested in almost instantly. </p><p> GPS enabled property search filtered by city, State or zip code. Property search with advanced search filters such as proximity to important landmarks, price </p><p>range, number of bedrooms and other essential interior and exterior features. Other relevant details of the property including the room dimensions, the total built-up area, </p><p>photographs and contact person details. QR code scanner to get instant details about the shortlisted properties. Property location tracker with Google maps.</p><p>http://www.mobibiz.in/http://www.mobibiz.in/industries/real-estate-app-development.php</p></li><li><p> Neighbourhood information including the availability of schools, hospitals, grocery stores or parks in the vicinity.</p><p> Price comparisons along with advice. </p><p>The home buyers who download these real estate apps and access the real estate content from the convenience of their home find these apps rather beneficial. These apps offer them an easy and convenient way to filter through several thousands of properties in their neighbourhood as well as throughout the country, if they are considering moving. For the real estate companies, these apps act as an important supplement to the print ads by offering them a better connectivity with their present and potential client. The real estate apps development is hence been regarded as a money-maker tool for the real estate companies, when done right. </p><p>Contact Best App Development CompanyAddress:321, 3rd Floor, Tower B4 Spaze iTechPark Sector-49, Sohna Road, GurgaonWebsite: http://www.mobibiz.in/Email ID: sales@mobibiz.in</p><p>mailto:sales@mobibiz.inhttp://www.mobibiz.in/https://plus.google.com/+MobibizGurgaonhttps://twitter.com/mobibizindiahttps://www.linkedin.com/company/mobi-bizhttps://www.facebook.com/mobibiz</p></li></ul>