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a training session for media production committee SCCI'15 in Cairo University What is Video editing How to master Video editing

Text of Video Editing

  • 1. ideoEditing Tailored forMedia Production15

2. Omar MontasserUX/UI DesignerGraphic Designer 3. I AM2012SCCI12 Appsplash ParticipantSCCI12 Best Participant2013MSTC13 Social Media Member (MSPR)SCCI13 Devign Technical ModeratorNOKIA Freelancing Coach2014MSTC Academic Arm LeaderSCCI14 Technical Support HeadAIESEC CU OGCDP MemberAIESEC CU Marketing and DS OC TEAMSTER 4. GENDALets staymysterious forsome time 5. Video editing includescutting segments(trimming),re-sequencing clips, andadding transitions andother Special Effects.ikidefinitio 6. is Video Editing 7. 1.LinearVideoEditing 8. 2. Non Linearediting system 9. 3. OFFline 4.ONlineEDITING 10. 5.VisionMixer 11. Video Editing 12. Effect 13. To master VideoEditing 14. Voice-over 15.