Top characteristics of a share point developer

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<ol><li> 1. Top characteristics of a SharePoint developerSharePoint is software from the house of Microsoft and a professional who works on this particular soware is called a SharePoint developer. SharePoint as the name suggests is software that enables the professionals to share documents and ideas.The basic idea behind SharePoint is to reinventthe work atmosphere at an organization and obviously forthe better.A SharePoint developer is a skilled person who is undoubtedly an expert of lvlicroso SharePoint and helps theclients in getting things done on this soware.There are many skills that can be associated with this professionaland some ofthem are discussed below.g~_ um, i | , 'A SharePoint developer must have the required .. "o; ;.r. -4 programming and technical skills in order to work onnut; A Wm!the application.The expert must have extensive "-WH 7 ~ knowledge of the commonly used programming Ipinto} ill ,,- languages like Javascript,HTML and . Net.He or she -_/7</li></ol>