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<ul><li><p>NetFlow What It Is All About </p><p>NetFlow is a network protocol created by Cisco for the collection &amp; screening of network traffic </p><p>flow through switches and routers. NetFlow is widely used by IT pros to scrutinize network </p><p>traffic flow &amp; volume to make sure from where traffic is coming, where its going to, and also how much traffic is being produced. NetFlow-enabled routers forward traffic statistics as </p><p>NetFlow documents which are then gathered by a NetFlow collector. The collector performs the </p><p>real traffic analysis &amp; presents it to the users. Collector can be a software or hardware appliance. </p><p>NetFlow has turned out to be a de-facto industry standard and is backed up by platforms other </p><p>than CISCO comprising, Juniper, HP, Dell and Netgear, Huawei, Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent. </p><p>While screening the performance of networks </p><p>and applications, the more insight youve into the real traffic, the better. If you collect all the </p><p>traffic the data volume will be very high. </p><p>NetFlow offers this insight and also reduces </p><p>the volume significantly. Without the </p><p>requirement of sniffers or probes, you can </p><p>swiftly and constantly keep an eye on the </p><p>composition of the traffic navigating your </p><p>most complicated links. MIMIC NetFlow </p><p>simulator creates an easy way to generate </p><p>NetFlow traffic from thousands of devices in the shape and pattern you want. It enables you to </p><p>promptly pick up bandwidth hogs, DDos attacks &amp; inefficient traffic, and offers you a familiarity </p><p>of how applications are making use of your network. No doubt, these insights are significant in </p><p>deciding how to prioritize traffic and on the formation of policies to eradicate inefficient traffic. </p></li><li><p>MIMIC NetFlow Simulator generates a variety of flows and enables you to fully test your </p><p>applications. Since you have a complete control over generated flowsets you can easily verify </p><p>that your graphing application is correctly displaying the values, and your collector correctly </p><p>collects precisely generated flowsets. The MIMIC NetFlow Simulator is the industrys first integrated simulation tool supporting NetFlow and SNMP. It allows developers to perform real </p><p>world, integrated device simulations. Network management now will be much easier than ever </p><p>before. </p><p>Corporate Headquarters 76 Northeastern Blvd., Suite 29 </p><p>Nashua, NH 03062, USA </p><p>Tel. (603) 881-3500 </p><p>Sales: </p><p>Marketing: </p><p>Follow Us: </p></li></ul>