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  1. 1. How to Spy on a Mobile Phone: Separating Facts From Myths Being able to spy on a mobile phonehas been the wish of many since they saw it done on secret spy movies, like the James Bond movies. These movies showed things that were possible, things that were plausible, and things that were impossible (at least until now). Today, people from all over the world are learning how to spy on a mobile phone. The technology is now available and anyone can get it from the Internet. Oh, and you dont need to be a 00 agent to learn how to spy on a mobile phone. The process is so easy that the average computer user can do it. If you can check your e-mail, then you can use this technology. However, true mobile spying technology is different from the one you see on TV and movies. This has disappointed people who buy the software hoping to emulate what they see on the screen. However, people who take the time to understand how the software really works and learn how to spy on a mobile phone get much more value for their money. So, if you are still not sure what mobile spy software does or how it works, but would like to learn how to spy on a mobile phone, here are some of the facts of this type of software as well as some of the most common myths about it: The software doesnt let you hack into peoples computers, much less transform them into control devices for other things. The software cant be used to intercept calls just because someone with a mobile phone happens to walk by. The software cant be installed on a phone that you dont own. The software does let you see the location of the phone in an online map, although not in a radar kind of way with a sweeping line that goes beep all the time. Instead, it just marks its location on Google Maps. You dont need to be a computer genius to use the software or a highly trained information systems engineer to install it on your phone. The software only lets you track the phone that youve installed the software on. It doesnt affect any other phones. The software gives you the call history of the phone, the content of text messages and the phones location. There are more, but these are the most important things that you should know about this software. Hopefully, these will help you decide whether or not to learn how to spy on a mobile phone. By Brian Coulter (Article Source: Now Pay Close Attention Here: Is someone keeping secrets from you? Reveal ALL with the worlds most powerful cell phone spy software. Cell Phone Spy and Mobile Tracking Software Real spy phone software that actually works! The best spyphone products, and offers everything that you need to reveal secrets!
  2. 2. Good legal cell spy applications (Not available in stores!) which offer everything that you need to reveal secrets and compatible with ALL Smartphones and all models of the the Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Palm OS, Symbian & Windows Mobile are: mSpy - A stealth cell phone spy software that silently monitors any Apple iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, or Symbian OS based cell phone. Access the phone's text messages, call history, e-mails, GPS locations, Call Recordings, web history, photos, Skype, WhatsApp and more from any web browser. mSpy is one of the most reliable and good looking spy apps for Android. This spy app has multiple packages for you to select from. They all range differently in price and functionality but provide a consistent and solid service. Whether you are a business owner or a caring mother, you will appreciate what mSpy has to offer. Features: Clean and easy to use interface. Track calls, texts and location easily. Remotely record calls. Notable Feature: An advanced keylogger is included in mSpy. This allows you to uncover what the targeted smartphone user types. Yes, this can also potentially reveal their passwords. SPYERA CELL PHONE SPY APP - a ton of advanced technology in a single spy application. Spyera is powerful than ever! Versatile compatibility allows you to move your Spy App between any supported devices and platforms. Spyera is compatible with Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile phones. Spyera is the only spy app that provide call interception to listen live phone call and it is the only spy app that runs in the background complately hidden. Spyera is one of the best spy software on Android when it comes to user experience. Intercepting calls and ambient listening are fluid and easy to execute. Viewing multimedia files including pictures, images and videos is quite easy as well. Live call recording is a great feature which allows you to record the calls as they happen. Location tracking, calendar tracking and instant messaging tracking are also available on this spy app for Android. Features: Ambient listening enables you to listen whenever you want. Read SMS, emails and instant messages easily. Check address book and read contacts. See what the user is searching on the web via history. Notable Feature: The sends a notification when the targeted user changes the SIM card. This way you will know when the person is hiding something. Mobile Cell Spying Software - Need to know what someone is saying on the cell phone? Now you can listen in without them knowing. No software has to be installed on the target phone. All you need is the phone number!
  3. 3. SPYPhoneTap - this powerful spy phone software would transform your Nokia phone, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile Phone into high end surveillance device. The Mobile Phone Spy Software can monitor an individual's mobile phone activities from Anywhere in the world! FlexiSPY - lets you spy on mobile phones and tablets and has unique call interception capability. Provides SMS Tracker, Cell phone tracker, room bugging total smartphone monitoring FlexiSPY is the only mobile monitoring software that can spy on 13 instant messengers. InnovaSPY - a unique smartphone spy application which allows you to tracking your smartphone in real time. This great app silently records all the activities on the smartphone and sending data to your secured online account which only you can access to review and manage. E-spy Software OnLine - Best spy software for computer & mobile phone monitoring. Secretly records all activity of local/remote computer, mobile phone and tablet device. You can view logs from anywhere at any time! TheTruthSpy - the most powerful spy phone software with highly innovative features.You can spy on virtually any phone remotely and invisibly. Powerfull Features: Mobile spy app, Android spy, Call recording, Whatsapp spy, SMS tracker, GPS tracker Easy Cell Tracker - 100% Safe and easy to useyet powerful enough to get the information you want! ALL Apple devices are supported in ALL countries with all cell phone providers including prepaid and non-contract phones. ALL Android phones are supported in ALL countries with all cell phone providers including prepaid and non-contract phones. What's the #1 hotel in Colombo? Hotels from $16.00 Plan and Book Your Perfect Trip TripAdvisor
  4. 4. Cell Watcher - the most up to date technology that allows you to keep a watchful eye on your kids or employees. Spyera for iPhone allows the user to access their User Control Panel data from anywhere in the world from their iPhone. Every feature that is available from the Desktop or Laptop computer can now be viewed easily from a mobile device instantly! MobiStealth - Best Cell Phone and Computer Monitoring software to monitor all activities. View Text Messages, Record Calls, Track Location, Log Keystrokes and much more TheOneSpy - New cell phone monitoring and tracking software/app to spy on children and employees. Install TheOneSpy tracking app into any Android, Blackberry and iPhone mobile and monitor all the activities including data, voice and location. MobiEspion - powerfull mobile monitoring and tracking application for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smart phones that allows you to remotely monitor all your mobile activities. Jailbreak Learn how to easily jailbreak and unlock Apple devices (iphone, ipad, ipod, iOS etc.) fast and easy. For ALL iOS including 8.4. Jailbreak and unlock your Apple devices in minutes! Works with ALL iPhones and iPads. Jailbreak ALL iOS versions! OX for Android MobileSpy - Cell phone spy for smart Android version phone also provides users a free trial process, now just download this program to your mobile phone to learn what your children are secretly talking and texting, smoking, drugs, what your employees really doing away from office with this mobile spy.
  5. 5. vSpyMe - Are you spending sleepless nights worrying about where your kids are or what they are up to? Look no further. vSpyMe Children and family is a powerful cell phone spy software designed to ease your burden and give you better visibility, transparency and control of whats going on in your home and the lives of people you care about. MerrySpy - A spy software to turn ordinary Nokia S60 phones into spy phones. It's totally different from all other spy softwares, maybe it's the most powerful one! SpyMaster Pro - World's most efficient and advanced cell spying software, works 100% in hidden mode without leaving any indication of detection. Auto Forward - You DO NOT need a computer to install or use Auto Forward. Everything can be done with your cell phone or tablet. Simply install the app and start monitoring any iPhone or Android device! No matter where you are! EasySpy - Easy-to-use program for monitoring cell phones you will find anywhere Get INSTANT ACCESS to text messages, calls and more. Right from your own cell phone, computer or tablet! EasySpy Monitors Multiple Smart Phones. Totally undetected! Easy Spy cost only $69.99. NO ADDITIONAL COSTS, NO MONTHLY FEES AND NO CONTRACTS! HIGHSTER MOBILE The Most Powerful and Easy To Use Cell Phone Monitoring Software You Can Buy! Text messages, call recordings, call l