HTML5 DevConf 2014 - Workflow when Making HTML5 Games

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Text of HTML5 DevConf 2014 - Workflow when Making HTML5 Games

  2. 2. Workflow overviewGame scopeTechnologyselectionGamedevelopment Code Assets ContentDistribution
  3. 3. Unreasonable scope = Your worst enemy!
  4. 4. Pareto principle-20% of the input yields 80% of the output-Be smart in what you focus on, and you can getquick results
  5. 5. BrainstormReduceImplement/ MVPTest
  6. 6. One pager A brief description of the game What functionality it will need: Internet connection Local storage Cloud storage Camera? GPS? Single vs Multiplayer Social integration Stick figure sketches of the main screens andgame mechanics
  7. 7. Your First MVP Only essential features 1 Level 1 Type of enemy, item, powerup No custom artwork use rectangles or freeimages No animations No cloud integration No social integration Nothing too complex
  8. 8. Technology selection Platforms Devices Select framework Other requirements (cloud, social, payments)
  9. 9. Development Coding Code editor Web browser Web server Version control (GIT) Game assets Images Audio Animations Game content Levels Story
  10. 10. Code editor Simple code editors: Sublime Text Geany Notepad++ Full IDE solutions: Netbeans Eclipse Visual Studio Komodo Edit HTML5-oriented Intel XDK Adobe Brackets
  11. 11. Browser + Code Editor
  12. 12. Web Server Apache (WAMP, MAMP) Python Simple HTTP Server Node.js http-server Chrome extension: Web Server for Chrome Sublime Text plugin Intel XDK and Brackets!
  13. 13. Game Assets Create your own Find free assets Licensing! Buy assets Pay someone to make assets for you
  14. 14. Finding free assets Graphic Audio Freesound.org
  15. 15. Asset marketplaces Graphics Audio marketplace.yoyogames.com
  16. 16. Distribution Web Access via URL Mobile platforms App stores
  17. 17.
  18. 18. WrappersNativewrapperHTML5
  19. 19. Cordova vs PhonegapCordovaExtra servicesby Adobe+ = Phonegap
  20. 20. Building with Cordova You need the platform SDK Android SDK iOS SDK Using command line: Create project Develop HTML5 Test on devices and emulators Prepare deployment version
  21. 21. Building with CordovaCreateprojectDevelopHTML5Build to testBuild fordeployment(sign)DeployCertificates*
  22. 22. Building in the Cloud Phonegap Build Intel XDK Another option: CocoonJS by Ludei
  23. 23. Building in the CloudCreateprojectDevelopHTML5Build to testBuild fordeployment(sign)DeployCertificates*
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Intel XDK
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Submission Icons Splash screen Description Keywords Category Price
  28. 28. iOS Specifics Apple Developer Program ($99/year) Need a Mac computer IPA File Store review process is very strict iOS Human Interface Guidelines
  29. 29. Android Specifics Android Developer Program ($25/year) Any computer APK file No review process. Updates in ~2-4 hours
  30. 30. Quick summary Game dev is an iterative process MVP Where to distribute Wrapping a HTML5 game
  31. 31. Break time!ZENVA.com