GoReact for Comm, Public Speaking, Bus Communication

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GoReact is elegant interactive video software for feedback, grading and critique of speeches, presentations and performances. Born in a university public speaking course, Goreact is made for teachers by teachers and is tailored to give you just what you need to provide the most useful feedback on student videos, while removing the administrative headaches of managing, storing and grading them.

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  • 1. Ridiculously easy interactive video softwarefor feedback, grading and critique ofspeeches, presentations and performances. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.

2. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.GoREACT in ActionInstantWebVideoPlaybackThumbsUp/DownRa=ngsTime-CodedComments 3. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.Student Record 4. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.Live Record 5. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.Mobile Record 6. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.Instructor Feedback 7. Student/Peer Feedback (if enabled) SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.Viewfeedbackfrominstructors,reviewers,peers,yourowncomments,oreveryone 8. Simple Grading/Scoring SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.Scoreeachac=vityforeasygrading 9. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.Grading with RubricsRubric-BasedEvalua=ons 10. LMS Integration (Coming Soon) SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved. 11. What did people use before GoReact? SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved. 12. Whats the problem?They need more than aone-way conversation SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved. 13. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.Video Distribution 14. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.Video Distributionvs. Video Interaction 15. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.Many tools foruploading, sharing and watching videosBut what aboutcollaboration, interaction, feedbackconversation and critique? 16. #1 request from online students? SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.InteractivitySource: Gamage, Dilrukshi What do Students Want from MOOC? http://bit.ly/1nIIRTN 17. Clear, focused feedback cansignificantly improve student outcomes.Focus on Formative Feedback. Valerie Shute, Florida State University. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved. 18. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.ASL &InterpretingPublic Speaking &Business CommunicationPerforming ArtsSales TrainingStudent Teaching/Teacher ObservationLegal Training, Moot Courts,Law Enforcement 19. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved. 20. Videos and comments are stored100% privately and securely in the cloud. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved. 21. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.Technology15 min setup (or less)No hardware requirementsUses your existing technology 22. Outstanding Free Customer Support(But you probably wont need it.) SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved. 23. 91% would recommend92% found GoReact helpful90% not difficult to use SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.Students Love It 24. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.Teachers Love It98% would recommend91% GoReact is easier than my previous method95% renewal rate 25. Students liked commenting and receiving comments viaGoREACTvery valuable and complementary. Daphne Jameson Cornell UniversityI am convinced of GoREACTs clear superiority.The students improved more in one week thanthey usually do in an entire semester. Anne Grinols Baylor University SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.What People Are SayingThank you so much! Love the product. Brent Redpath Western Oregon University 26. SpeakWorks. All Rights Reserved.What People Are SayingI love that GoREACT allows me to see the students workthroughout a semester. Thanks for the wonderful program. Sarah Wheeler Troy UniversityAs a teacher, its one of the best peer feedback tools I haveused. Jacob Rawlins Iowa State UniversityThis is the easiest rubric tool Ive ever used. Its so fast tobuild out the entire template. Scott Whitney Austin University