DevOps Days Austin 2014 Ignite - Analytics Wars

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Presentation about DataMart Analytics Framework and Products builded around this framework.

Text of DevOps Days Austin 2014 Ignite - Analytics Wars

  • 1. Analytics Wars Not so long time ago, in a galaxy not so far, far away...

2. Commander, we are losing too many planets! Nobody wants to buy our destroyers! 3. We need to change our strategy! 4. OR just build another Death Star and Kill 'Em All 5. Uh, maybe it's not the best option for your business 6. I need Answer! 7. Just analyse your log les 8. We have tried everything 9. 1,000 bored to death DevOps just for ONE JUMP??? 10. some OpenSource tools 11. Are you kidding me? NO API??? Brainfuck looks so sexy 12. some Analytics services 13. Please, share your things 14. We must choose own path; no one can choose it for us. 15. It seems that they do not need SHOES 16. Eah! We tripled the number of our HAPPY customers just in 1 month! 17. Master, we outnumbered! 18. The circle is now complete. When we start I was but the learner, now I am the master. 19. And NO Stormtroopers were harmed in the making of this framework