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If you are thinking of a PaaS then you need to consider some important features and understand how to think about the different vendors. There are literally hundreds of PaaS vendors. Why? It's a very important and powerful step in improving time to market and costs for software development. Issues like Resource Sharing, Hybrid, Polyglot, Security, HA / DR, Ecosystem PaaS, Lifecycle management, DevOps vs PaaS, different IaaS Vendors migrating into PaaS services, Autoscaling, Open Source vs Proprietary, Performance Management, Operations

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  • Understanding the Taxonomy and complexity of PaaS for Enterprises, May 28, 2014 John Mathon VP, Enterprise Evangelism Blog: (CloudRamblings) Twitter: @john_mathon Mail: (C) WSO2 2014
  • WSO2 2014 In this talk Covered Quick intro to WSO2 for those who dont know What is a PaaS / DevOps Taxonomy Enterprise Issues for PaaS Generic PH PaaS Ecosystem PaaS Not Covered This is not a survey of all open source or other PaaS Application PaaS Functional PaaS Vendor PaaS
  • WSO2 2014 WSO2 - 8 years Apache and OpenSource Contributor from the past Axis2, Synapse and contributors on 20 other Apache Projects All wso2 software is 100% open source not enterprise license in any way (Apache licensed) Now contributed Stratos as Cloud PaaS layer True polyglot, hybrid PaaS Contributors WSO2, Indiana University, Citrix, EngineYard, Cisco, NASA, SunGaurd, Georgia Tech, Also have in open source cloud Ecosystem PaaS App Factory WSO2 will also offer Cloud Services based on all our open source tools in 2014/2015
  • Legacy Integration Stack ESB, C/As, Adapters, DSS, MB, AS API Management APIM, ELB, ESB, BAM, IM, DSS, SS, ES Middleware / SOA ESB, C/As, MB, BPS, DSS, AS BigData NSA for you BAM, DSS, SS, Cassandra, C/As, CEP, UES Advanced Governance and Security IM, gReg, BRS, BAM, CEP, MDM, MAM, ES Mobile MDM, MAM, ES, gReg, AS POLYGLOT HYBRID PAAS CC, CS, CA, ELB, CEP Connected Business APIM, App Factory, ES, Integration, NSA4U Ecosystem PaaS Private PaaS, BPS, DSS, SS, ES, Git, Maven, Jenkins, Redmine, Development Tools Developer Studio, CodeEnvy, UES WSO2
  • WSO2 2014 Over 200 Customers: Ebay, Boeing, Banks
  • WSO2 2014 Some Key PaaS customers for WSO2 Cisco 7 instances with telecom providers $1Billion revenue will be running on our PaaS Boeing App Factory and Stratos State of Arizona END OF COMMERCIAL
  • WSO2 2014 60 years ago the first computer 40 years ago the first microcomputer 20 years ago the internet Today Cloud, IOT, PaaS, Mobile
  • WSO2 2014 PaaS is aaS for Services and Applications Development (see blog below) Low Initial Cost to Deploy Incremental Cost as you use or develop more Automated Deployment Management Built-In Best Practices baked in Self-Service Lifecycle Managed Reuse Resource Sharing CloudRamblings A simple guide to Cloud Computing
  • WSO2 2014 Roles for PaaS Super-Tenant (and related roles) Configures and manages operations across subtenants and applications during the entire lifecycle Defines the lifecycle Tenant Can build, integrate, test, deploy versions of applications or services User Uses an application (may not be aware that a PaaS exists)
  • WSO2 2014 Whats the difference DevOps/PaaS? DevOps DIY automation Use Chef, Puppet You write the rules You script deployment No auto Scaling You do FT/HA strategy Tenant management and other tasks like security may be very manual still PaaS its built in Continuous deployment Multiple clouds simultaneously Auto-scales / Load Balances Self-service Automation Gives you a dashboard May not work with your tools or processes
  • WSO2 2014 There are many different types of PaaS Application PaaS Infrastructure Tied PaaS - Azure Development Environment Tied PaaS Openshift, mPaaS, iPaaS, BPMaaS, APIMaaS, Generic PaaS CloudFoundry, Apache Stratos(WSO2 Private PaaS) Ecosystem PaaS Heroku, WSO2 App Factory, Force DevOps PaaS CloudFoundry, OpenShift, Stratos,
  • WSO2 2014 Another PaaS Taxonomy Vendor Tied PaaS could be one application, one development environment, one operating system, one IaaS, one virtualization technology Functional PaaS oriented around one developmental function such as iPaaS, BPMaaS, APIMaaS Hybrid PaaS support for more than one IaaS environment Polyglot PaaS support for more than one development environment Ecosystem PaaS Support for full lifecycle including development environment and store
  • WSO2 2014 Why so many PaaS? Bottom Line: Faster Time to Market Before - software development is costly, risky and slow process Do tests on early versions of software to determine loads from customers Plan demand expectation and hardware required Acquire hardware and networking equipment for a time period including additional hardware for failures and expected peak periods Find space for hardware, plan network integration plan, rule changes in switches, routers, update configuration management, outages for upgrades and changes Test hardware and network with software to insure it works Understand failure modes, when to scale, runbooks for different scenarios, train people in operation and what to do in different scenarios. Write scripts to detect scenarios and provide needed information in failures. Write or acquire management tools, put in instrumentation in hardware. Plan for upgrade strategies, outages and SLA measurements, backup policies. Beta customers Go Live Now cheaper, faster, less risky Choose IaaS vendor Choose PaaS platform Write some runbooks for different scenarios, train people in PaaS operation Deploy software Beta customers Go live 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Time Cost Time Cost Development Test/Deployment Operations $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ SAVED! SAVED!
  • WSO2 2014 Entry Points for PaaS Inside Organization DevOps automation Cloud Busting Resource Sharing Enterprise Refactoring and Renewal Outside Organization SaaS application development External API service development PaaS for partners/customers
  • WSO2 2014 Im going to talk about Polyglot Hybrid Generic PaaSs YES Polyglot Hybrid PaaS Ecosystem PaaS NO Competitive landscape Application PaaSs Vendor PaaSs Functional PaaSs
  • WSO2 2014 Typical Hybrid Polyglot PaaS architecture
  • WSO2 2014 Enterprise Issues to be discussed PH PaaS Private or Public Hybrid Cloud Capability Resource Sharing differences Security Concerns High Availability Polyglot Management and Performance Monitoring Automated Resource Allocation Scaling Automatically Operations Support Pluggability Multi-tenancy of applications and users Ecosystem PaaS = PH PaaS + Multi-Environment support Business Process Automation Lifecycle support Social Capabilities Store Reuse
  • WSO2 2014 Private or Public Private / Run yourself More flexibility to use hybrid capabilities, customize for your development Gain Experience yourself before launching into public sphere Public Start cheap and small Running a PaaS isnt trivial Possibly locked in to a vendor and its problems and limitations on performance and scale, compliance, security
  • WSO2 2014 Hybrid Capability Has been deemed Important which is why we see some possibly misusing the term Change cloud vendors based on: Security Cost Zone Coverage Performance Problems Vendor instability Or any reason that may occur Use Multiple Clouds Have on premise hardware as well as public Burst on demand Run certain services in some clouds that perform better Run some tenants in some regions on different clouds Run production, test, demo, staging in different clouds Some Vendors claim Hybrid meaning: not different types of clouds. Seriously restricts choices
  • WSO2 2014 Public IaaS Vendors large variability High Risk not all PaaSs run on all IaaS 10:1 price / performance or more Dell*, Azure** Microsoft (Free) Dell - On-premise like Joyent**, SoftLayer* High Performance Joyent special virtualization, SmartOS Softlayer bare metal MongoDB, Hadoop Rackspace*, HP* MySQL OpenStack Pioneer Google** Google Compute Cloud Google App Cloud Amazon AWS** Wide variety of choices Lots of extra value services Poorest performance Highest cost *OpenStack ** Proprietary
  • WSO2 2014 Private IaaS Choices VMWare expensive Eucalyptus(AWS) ties you to Amazon OpenStack Many supporters Cloudstack OpenNebula
  • WSO2 2014 Polyglot pluggable componentized
  • WSO2 2014 You die and go to Heaven in the Cloud Heaven is a PaaS You ask at the gates: Is Heaven PaaS a Hybrid PaaS? Saint Peter Responds: No, there is Only one Heaven and you will find it perfect Youre a little skeptical but you nod and ask: Is Heaven a Polyglot PaaS Saint Peter responds: No, everybody in Heaven speaks the same language You ask: Does Heaven have multi-level multi-tenant isolation? Saint Peter is clearly getting annoyed and Disturbed at the direction of your questions: We have no secrets here in Heaven. Finally you ask: Does Heaven have