What you need to know about Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram

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 For the last seven years I've specialised in Business Growth through Digital Leadership, helping business owners, sales & marketing managers and entrepreneurs sell more products and services, through the convergence of Social Media, Digital Marketing and eCommerce. Delivering dynamic and engaging webinars, workshops and seminars on Digital Marketing & eCommerce and Business Growth through Investment and funding.


  • What you need to know about Warren Knight 1. Pinterest 2. Twitter 3. Instagram
  • Storytelling Storytelling Storytelling If you cant tell it, you cant sell it
  • Business Growth Digital Marketing Twitter @wvrknight Brand
  • Whats Pinteresting? 50% though Mobile 6th August 1991 Web 1.0 1993 Web 2.0 2001
  • VIRALWOOT Schedule, Search, Promote, Analyse
  • gumroad Sell your products without a website
  • Competitions Pinterest Instagram - Twitter
  • E-mail your followers Remember to remove the @.......
  • Twitter Whats New?
  • Pin to top Pin your most re-tweeted message to the top
  • GifMaker Make Gifs for Twitter
  • Manageflitter Remove unwanted people
  • Hootsuite Listen, Experiment, Apply, Develop
  • Snapseed, #Hastags, Captions The perfect Post
  • IconOSquare Manage from your Desktop
  • IconOSquare Find your target Audience #Hastags
  • SceduGram Schedule your Images
  • 7 Day Strategy
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Top Tips Native Platform Treat each network independatly Use #Hastags Define your own and follow your target audience What you need to know about Lets Recap Pinterest Twitter Instagram
  • Coach Trainer Mentor www.warrenknight.co.uk warren (at) warrenknight.co.uk +44 20 8123 3730 Warren Knight Business Growth through Digital Leadership


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