Tips to increase Genuine Facebook Likes on a business FB Page!

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  • Tips to increase

    Genuine Facebook likes On a business FB page!

  • By giving people the power to share, we're making

    the world more transparent.

    ~ Mark Zuckerberg

  • Facebook - Worlds largest social media network that always attracts SMO

    Consultants to associate and promote a business for better coverage. But

    what makes them effortless and limited, is genuine likes on a business FB


    According to different surveys, Facebook is the only media platform that

    covers around of existing virtual world. From local promotions to global

    presence, Facebook will be preferred through expert SMO Consultants worldwide.

  • What actually a Facebook Page do?

  • More impressions, better coverage and higher rate of conversion can

    explain the worth of a Facebook business page.

    The Facebook business page is the simplest form to create a brand reputation rather surviving under the shadow of different mammoths. It

    allows a startup to spread their wings and connect directly with their

    potential audience and share their products directly to them.

  • While SEO takes a lot of time to create a recognizable identity, FB page can

    do it faster. Through a recognizable FB page, businesses can connect directly

    with their relevant customers and share products and services directly with


    Facebook Business Page

    Although creating a Facebook business page is a good practice, but to make

    it a traffic generator and audience oriented, SMO Consultants need to work hard.

  • Tips to increase genuine likes on

    a business page!

  • Although a business page is enough capable to attract

    potential customers and improve its likes genuinely, but

    some efforts and approaches will make it better. Lets chit-

    chat about those ways or tips through which SMO

    Consultants can bring more likes:

  • Complete about information

    Authentic information always leads more likes, visits

    and conversion as well. So, before promoting a page

    through direct or paid ways, first of all complete all the

    information. Proper engagement only comes through

    detailed information, thats why complete short and

    long bio, contact details and other information asked

    by FB page.


  • Share and Invite

    Page creation is not enough to get more likes, you need

    to share and invite your friends to like it. More share

    and more invites bring more likes on your FB page. Even

    you can directly ask your friends to share and invite

    their connection as well.


  • Use Call to Action button

    To convert a user into a customer, FB page allows a

    business to create a call to action button. It leads a user

    to visit your website and make an action. Proper

    navigation not even increases impressions and likes,

    but also helps a page to improve its visibility.


  • 4 Active Participation

    Never think to do it tomorrow, do it right now. Page

    creation isnt important, but active participation is an

    important task. Do share regular posts and actively

    participate in different groups, communities and share

    more content through social network will help to gain

    more likes.

  • 5 Add social widgets

    Website itself a great way to improve Facebook

    likes, just add a Facebook like widget on your

    website and get better results in impressions,

    visits and likes as well.

  • Follow the details and strategic implementation of the above

    practices along with content sharing through Facebook notes. Do it

    yourself or hire expert SMO Consultants to improve your Facebook page presence along with increased traffic and likes.

  • The thing that we are trying to do at facebook, is

    just help people connect and communicate more


    ~ Mark Zuckerberg

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