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1. Georgia Pastos TOO FAR GONE 2. SYNOPSIS As a result of a series of rumours that are circulating around a school involving a young boy whose spirit is said to wander the halls, four friends decide to contact the spirit one night, unaware of how vengeful this spirit is. On the night in which the series of supernatural occurrences unfold, the group of friends Mark, Ava, Dominic and Rose arrive at the school grounds, prepared to contact the spirit via Ouija board. In an attempt to find a room they can set up the Ouija board and candles, they locate the room the young boy was brutally murdered in. The Ouija board is set up and the candles are placed around it. When Rose regrets her decision to join her friends in this spiritual act, she attempts to flee but the door slams shut of its own accord, and the group of friends become aware that they are no longer alone During the contact with the spirit, the dial utilised for Ouija board flies across the room, and an obscured silhouette-like figure appears to them through a window. Shortly after, the group becomes aware that Dominic is no longer with them he has disappeared. Fearful of what may follow, the four friends find an unlocked door that leads them to another room. Subsequently, they run through the hallways, trying to find an escape route after they come to realise that the doors from which they came are sealed shut. The setting changes to a police station, in which the protagonist Mark is being held and questions over the death of his friends. An additional character is introduced, Detective Reilly, who reveals images of the bludgeoned bodies of his friends, and places Mark under arrest. In a state of confusion, Mark refused to accept his arrest, and the screen fades to black 3. CERTIFICATION 15 symbol: No-one under 15 is allowed to see a 15 film at the cinema or buy/rent a 15 rated video. 15 rated works are not suitable for children under 15 years of age. Although the media product (a short horror film) will not contain scenes of sexual nudity or make any strong verbal references to sex, the product will contain brief scenes of horror and threat, which correlates to the BBFCs age 15 certification the BBFC permits the use of strong threat and horror as long as there is no sustained focus on sadistic or sexualised threat. In addition, the BBFC permits the use of drugs on the terms that it does not promote or encourage members of the audience to do the same, however; this will not be evident within my product, due to the fact that it is not conventional to the themes of the production. Despite this, the short film will require the 15 certification, as it will consist of scenes with strong suggestive violence. This will be evident during the scene in which the supernatural force seemingly attacks and makes attempts to murder the teenagers. Considering the fact that the BBFC prohibits the use of weapons that may be easily accessible to a person of 15 years of age, no weapons shall be used. Therefore, the media product meets the requirements for a 15 certification due to the violence and scenes of horror. 4. TARGET AUDIENCE Due to the fact that the short film will contain both male and female teenagers, it will appeal to both genders that may view these characters as objects of desire. This may serve to heighten the success of my product, since the range of the target audience will be increased an extension of the target audience will result in a potential increase in the profit. Therefore, the use of both male and female protagonists may prove to be successful. Moreover, as a result of utilising both genders equally as protagonists within the product, a wider variety of the target audience may be able to relate to the characters and hence; a sense of verisimilitude will be introduced within the short film, which will act as a demonstration of the uses and gratification theory. In addition, the male members of the target audience may be able to relate to and identify with the male characters, whilst the female members of the target audience may be able to relate to and identify with the male characters. As a result, the audience appeal and the success rate of the product may be heightened. Considering the fact that the friends within my short horror film do experience, on numerous occasions, various disputes and disagreements between friends, teenagers may be interested in my product as they may be able to relate to the combination of characters in the short film. Similarly, teenagers who may be involved in such clashes with their friends may be able to relate to the characters within the production. Therefore, the demonstration of the uses and gratification theory, that allows the target audience to identify with the characters, may serve to heighten the audience appeal as it targets an audience with a wide age range, due to the fact that all members of the target audience would have experienced these disagreements once and will thus; be able to relate to the teenage disputes, regardless of age group. 5. TARGET AUDIENCE Furthermore, since my media product is set within a school, the target audience may consist of both older and younger members who may find the short film realistic, as the majority of the target audience would have been to school. Additionally, as many members of the public will find the school environment and atmosphere easily relatable, they may find this product appealing. Again, this will serve to heighten the range of the target audience, which may result in an increase in the profits. Therefore, the target audience will consist of both males and females who may view the characters/actors as objects of desire, as well as consist of any member above the age of 15, due to the circumstances within the film that an older audience may be able to relate to and identify with. Meanwhile, the modern clothing worn by the characters may further allow a younger and modern audience to relate to and identify with the characters, since the clothing acts as a demonstration of the uses and gratification theory. In addition to the clothing, the props may allow a target audience to further relate to situations of various characters, thus; heightening the audience appeal and increasing the success of the media product. The mise-en-scene will be closely considered throughout the duration of the short filming due to the fact that it will be a source of entertainment for the audience due to the fact that the background of the composition will be fairly empty, a significant amount of loneliness and the idea of isolation will be conveyed through this. As a result, the fear and anxiety of the target audience will be heightened, as they are removed from their comfort zone. This will prove to appeal to a wide range of age groups since the aim of a horror film is to severely frighten its audience, and an emptiness of the background will create an eerie atmosphere that is conventional. 6. TYPOGRAPHY AND OPENING/END CREDITS Similar to successful horror films, including The Sixth Sense and Se7en, the opening of my media product will contain a white typography, which will act as a connotation of innocence. This will strongly contrast against the element of evil within the short film and will, as a result, act as a demonstration of the theory of binary oppositions due to the fact that the stark contrast between the typography and the events of the product will be symbolic of a recurring theme within the horror genre. Whilst the white typography is reflective of a good element within the media product, the events themselves are greatly reflective of an element of evil thus, it mirrors the theme of good vs. evil. Meanwhile, the distance between the lettering of the opening titles may mirror the titles of the opening to The Sixth Sense, due to the fact that it connotes isolation, which is reflective of how the protagonists of the media product may feel. Similarly, the black background although it connotes evil it is also reflective of a sense of loneliness and reinforces the idea of isolation. The black is often associated with death, and thus may also foreshadow death and create a sense of foreboding and impending doom. Additionally, the simplicity of the typography heightens a mysterious atmosphere that adds to an ongoing enigma. 7. TYPOGRAPHY AND OPENING/END CREDITS The typography of the psychological horror, Se7en, bears a strong resemblance to the handwriting of a young person, which would be ideal for my media product, due to the fact that the antagonist of the short film is a young teenage boy. In addition, the way in which the opening credits enter onto the screen may mirror the way in which a supernatural presence creeps into the lives of the characters. Moreover, just as the typography is seen over the visuals in the film, Se7en, my media product will also feature this, as the titles will play over the footage of the opening of my short film. The stark contrast between the white typography and the black visual images will serve to symbolise the recurring theme of the horror genre, good vs. evil as well as act as a demonstration of the theory of binary oppositions 8. SHOTS USED WITHIN THE PRODUCT In order to identify a setting of great significance, an establishing shot will be used within my media product. It will indicate and convey the idea that events of importance will unfold at this location. Meanwhile, an establishing shot makes it clear to an audience where the production is set, and as a result, a sense of realism and verisimilitude is created that allows an audience to relate to and identify with the narrative. Thus, it may act as a demonstration of the uses and gratification theory A long shot will be used during the scene in which the characters are running through the hallways of the school. This is greatly effective, due to the fact that is acts as a clear connotation of isolation and loneliness and heightens a