Marketing to Millennials with Snapchat & Instagram

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1. Marketing to Millennials Meerkat, Periscope, Vine Instagram, Snapchat Raleigh Public Relations Society Luncheon June 23, 2015 by Sharon Dawson @TheeDesign 2. Millennials are selfish consumers of social media Quote by Justin Lafazan from DMFB 2015 Conference 3. Phone next to them when sleep On desk at work On table during meetings Average attention span: 8 seconds Millennials 4. Where should I spend my time 5. Meerkat vs Periscope 6. Live Streaming Post when people can view Interesting Needs to be watched NOW Great for sports, political rally, breaking news 7. Meerkat Darling of SXSW Blocked by Twitter when Twitter bought Periscope iPhone only 8. Periscope Saves broadcast after over, so people can view later iPhone and Android Being adopted by celebrities & events CNN Royal Correspondent Max Foster for Princess Charlottes birth 9. Winner: Periscope Integrates with Twitter Save broadcast afterwards Keep an eye on YouTube to make a big play in this space 10. Vine vs Instagram 11. Vine vs Instagram Vine Instagram 20 million users 130 million users 6 seconds 15 seconds Loops videos Plays video once No filters 13 filters Share on Vine, FB, Twitter Share on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Email 12. Winner: Instagram Millennials 2nd most popular social network Use existing account Filters for videos More time allotted 3 to 15 seconds 13. Where should I spend my time 14. Snapchat 15. Build Your Story 31 Character Limit 16. Users Majority between 13 to 25 70% are female 2/5 of 18 year olds use it multiple times a day 17. Snapchat Private Add via smartphone only Must take pics in app No hashtags 31 Character limit 18. Brands Taco Bell MTV Sour Patch Kids The Voice Grub Hub 19. Instagram 20. Users Ages 18-34 90% of users are under 35 68% female 23% of teens says is favorite social media 21. Instagram #hashtag Add via smartphone only No ads allowed 3-15 second videos 22. Brands National Geographic, Victorias Secret, Nike, Forever 21, Starbucks Videos: MTV, NBA, GoPro, Wendys, HBOs Girls 23. Stay in Touch