#LetsNetwork Twitter Chat Highlights: How To build Relationships and Engage on Triberr

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#LetsNetwork Twitter Chat happens every Thursday at 8pm ET. Here is a brief recap of one of those chats that happen. Ceo of Triberr Dino Dogan made a guest appearance on the twitter chat, he joined in on the conversation and share some tips with our twitter chat community abut how to effectively use Triberr, the blog amplification platform. Join in on the conversation where we discuss general business topics while engaging, sharing, and learning together!


  • 1. Tweet Chat Guest Appearance Ceo/Founder Dino Dogan How To build Relationships and Engage on Triberr #LetsNetwork

2. Highlights from#LetsNetworkTweetchat Join The Twitter CHat Every Thursday at 8PM ET 3. Triberr is a phenomenal community of like minded bloggers and podcasters. 4. There are well over 50,000 tribes and over 2 million visitors www.blueprintyourcareer.com 5. We're moving in the direction of predicting the shareability of your content, and suggesting how to make it more sharable/viral via @Triberr 6. To amplify their msg! The Influence Marketing Campaign is where brands use the influence of Other Bloggers and Podcasters 7. Wehavesomethingcalled AffinityAlgorithm. Wheneveryoushare someonescontent, Yourcontentappears ontopoftheirstream! via@triberr Triberr Tip 8. @Triberr builds online communities. If you want your digital game to be strong & effective, you need communities via @socialchef #LetsNetwork Twitter Chat Every Thursday at 8pm ET All are Welcome! 9. which will increase Be consistent The rest will fall in place. your communities trust of you! 10. Thank You! Follow #LetsNetwork Every Thursday at 8PM ET Engage, Share, and Learn Together on Entrepreneurial Topics