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1. POSTMODERNISMLADY GAGA- TELEPHONEMUSIC VEDIO 2. The typography used in telephone, the yellow bold letters and red shadow is similar to the crimeand drama film in 1997. This is postmodern as it uses pastiche as it is conscious imitation of a styleand period writing. It could also be postmodern as lady gaga may be paying homage to the film,the film also links with the overall story of the music video as it links to crime.These two images represent the music video to be postmodern as it is surreal, it is veryunlikely in as prison for officers and offenders to be dressed in this form, or to have musicand the clothing (heels/ chain) that are shown in the video. There is a juxtaposition withthe background image and the main image. These two images can also be argued toreinvent what we expect in a prison or an offender to appear as. 3. This image represents postmodernism as Lady Gaga is paying homage to Michael Jackson.Gaga is imitating his moves but in a respectful way. This suggest she was a fan a respects andenjoys his dancing and music. In addition she may of used it due to his uniqueness this relatesto her herself also being unique in her music and clothing.This scene represents postmodernism as Gaga says mmhmm honey bee referring toBeyonce, this is also used in the film Pulb Fiction. This shows its postmodern as it useshomage and pastiche. This scene clearly imitates the film however the reason for this isbecause she respects the film. Furthermore the film genre being about crime also links to thevideo. The caf scene in the video is also very similar to the film this also reinforces homage. 4. In the video Gaga hair and makeup as well as facial expressions are very similar to pop art.This represents postmodernism as it creates pastiche, she is clearly imitating or trying tocreate a similar image. It may also be argued the video uses bricolage as it uses manydifferent styles and mixes them up.The glasses are similar to Mickey Mouse, this Is postmodern as it is paying homage to the cartoon.The glasses are also shown on her paparazzi video, this is postmodern as it uses intertextuality. Thisvideo is referring to her previous video. This also is postmodern as it is bricolage, it is mixing genresfor example being similar to a cartoon and then telling a crime story. 5. These two images are product placement, thisis postmodern as it is encouraging andrepresenting consumerism. The idea of whatyour purchase tells a deeper story of yourself/personality.This is a product sold in USA in 1921, this scene is postmodern as it is paying homage. Thiscompany and product may have been very popular in its time. (It may be parody) 6. The scene in paparazzi is also used in telephone, this is postmodern as it uses intertextuality asthe image in telephone refers to paparazzi. It may also be parody as the imagine in paparazzi isused for a bad cause (mug shot type), this makes the telephone one seem less serious incomparison to the cause.pussy wagon used in telephone is also used in kill bill which is an action/thriller movie. Thisrepresents postmodernism as it is paying homage to the film by using an item the film isknown for. In addition it can be argued to use pastiche as it imitates the car and similar styleas well. 7. ?