How to use Instagram for Business?

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  1. 1. Instagram Capture and Share the World's Moments
  2. 2. What is Instagram? A fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family. Can be downloaded free [ Apple itune stores, Android, Windows] With its 30 million users & over 200 million uploads, Instagram is the fastest social media platform to achieve success in less time
  3. 3. When? Founded in 2010 by stanford graduates, Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger. Launched in October 2010 with gaining more than 100 million active users till April 2012.
  4. 4. Functions & Features Includes free, unlimited access to social network with plenty of fun play photos. User profile - Choose own username & 150 characters Bio 17 custom photo filters Compatibility :- Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr & Flickr
  5. 5. Interface : Easy to navigate ,unlimited photo upload, no caption limit, no rule about how many times to comment or like. Privacy : Private profile options which lets you control who sees your profile, Report any spam
  6. 6. Key facts:
  7. 7. Visual facts
  8. 8. Why it is important? 45.6% of Instagram users are more likely to remember a great brand on Instagram over their television commercial. - FlashsStock Consumer Survey 2014 47% of Instagram users rank Instagram in their top 10 channels to discover new products. - FlashsStock Consumer Survey 2014
  9. 9. FIRST STEP
  10. 10. Creating your account
  11. 11. Why this 3 things are important?
  12. 12. Iconic as it should represent your organization as Logo does. People start remembering your profile picture when suffering through their newsfeed. Profile Picture
  13. 13. A Bio 200 characters 1.Why your instagram page worth following? 2.What you offer as a service or a product? Enhance your bio by encouraging users to share content related to your brand by hashtag.
  14. 14. Website Drive your users down to the path where they can purchase. URL directs users to more friendly site.
  15. 15. SECOND STEP
  16. 16. Marketing Effectively Brand centric content Showcase what they have to offer. Reactive Storytelling Meme or pop based storytelling Behind the scenes Content Show transparency & an inside look (authentic) Inspirational & motivational quotes Driving emotions (likes,comment)
  17. 17. Taking your Instagram to next level User generated Contests To overreach the brand Use hashtags Broadens the reach but relevant to content Have call to action on images Rather than on text, should be on image(driving interactions)
  18. 18. Instagram Funda Strive to create your own path and use Instagram to visually engage and connect with your audience.
  19. 19. Tools for Instagram: 1. Crowdfire 2. Takeoff 3. Simply Measured 4. Tagboard
  20. 20. Features: 1. Following Activity 2. Reach out to right audience at right time 3. Copy followers 4. Whitelist & blacklist a user
  21. 21. Features: 1. An integrated app of Crowdfire 2. Schedule the Instagrams Post 3. Suggests best time to post 4. Suggests Viral hashtags related to post & caption
  22. 22. Features: 1. Social data access 2. Set your social media strategy 3. Optimize your tactics 4. Analytics and reports
  23. 23. Features: 1. Real-timing hashtag tracking 2. Viral hashtag display 3. Complete guide of hashtags w.r.t sectors 4. Easy analytics & reports
  24. 24. CASE STUDY
  25. 25. Red Bull: Instagram Your Inspiration Red Bull: Instagram your Inspiration
  26. 26. Red Bull famed for its Originality & Creativity of its marketing campaign.
  27. 27. Red Bull launched an Instagram campaign Instagram Your Inspiration which was collaborative & visually led campaign
  28. 28. They kickstarted their campaign asking the audiences to submit colourful content that inspired them using one of the three hashtags below: To boost the campaign, they involved highly influential photographers to create their colourful content.
  29. 29. Red Bull 1. The campaign had over 3,000 submission 2. They used these submission photographs as billboards all over the various cities. 3. #InstagramYourInspiration reached over 16 million people using mobile and social channels. & Yes Red Bull was hailed as innovator.
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